AP One AX Wireless Access Point (Certified Pre-Owned)
AP One AX Wireless Access Point (Certified Pre-Owned)
AP One AX Wireless Access Point (Certified Pre-Owned)
AP One AX Wireless Access Point (Certified Pre-Owned)
AP One AX Wireless Access Point (Certified Pre-Owned)

AP One AX Wireless Access Point (Certified Pre-Owned)

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Part Number: CPO-MMH-APOAX


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Description:  2.4Ghz/5Ghz WiFi 6 Enterprise Grade Wireless Access Point with 4x4 MIMO, PoE

Optional power adapters, unit does not come with power plug (can be powered via PoE or with adapters)

Optional Power over Ethernet (PoE) Injectors and Network Switches

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The AP One AX is new for 2020 and supports the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology which is 45% faster than Wi-Fi 5. The AP One AX is a powerful wireless access that can be paired with just about any mobile router but performs extremely well with Pepwave mobile routers. The AP One AX can be powered by Power Over Ethernet (PoE) meaning that all you will need to run is a single CAT5e/CAT6 wire to the access point to power the device. With support for up to 16 SSID's per access point the AP One AX is a true enterprise-grade wireless access point that seamlessly integrates into existing setups and can be cloud-managed via Incontrol2 which is included with your purchase. This device supports 802.11k, v, and r, providing users with a more seamless roaming experience between access points. 

The Peplink AP AX has 4x4 MIMO wifi and is designed to support up to 256 concurrent connected devices with a powerful 17dBm transmission power.

The AP One AX has a 2.5 multigigabit ethernet port allowing it to support a max throughput of 1148mbps at 2.4ghz and 2500mbps at 5ghz. A true powerhouse.

NOTE this access point does not come with a power supply. A PoE injector, switch or optional 12V DC power supply is required. 

Certified Pre-Owned

This mobile router is a Certified Pre-Owned Device. Certified Pre-Owned devices have been returned by customers and are fully tested by our technical support team and repacked in like-new condition. Certified Pre-Owned devices come with a 90-Day Warranty from MobileMustHave.com and generally come with 3-11 months of factory warranty remaining. Warranty options can be extended at time of checkout for additional coverage if desired. Enjoy additional savings from standard prices by purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned Device today.

Manage Devices Remotely with InControl2

InControl2 is Peplink's cloud-based endpoint management system. When connected to your devices, it aggregates data to generate useful reports on all aspects of your network. On a single screen, you can push configurations to any and all of your endpoints. If you need to dig deeper, you can remotely access the web admin of any device on your network.

For most MobileMustHave customers this features is not required, but it does allow your device to be accessible to you via the cloud.  This can be an advantage if you would like to remotely control your device, track your vehicles location (if GPS is enabled), and allow support access to remote in (when permission is granted).

InControl2 is included with all router purchases for 1-Year and is included with EssentialCare and PrimeCare Warranty Renewal Options. 

1 Year of EssentialCare Included!

Peplink EssentialCare optional extended warranty packages provide customers with Incontrol2 cloud management licensing, software updates, firmware updates, and extended factory warranty support for devices deemed defective by Peplink's warranty support department. EssentialCare is a cost effective and convenient way to extend the warranty coverage of your Peplink device for customers who do not need advanced replacement support. Note that EssentialCare cannot be purchased for devices outside of existing warranty. Warranty and license purchases are non-refundable due to manufacturer policies.

  • 1-Year EssentialCare included with new Peplink device purchase
  • Technical Support via Support Ticket via Peplink
  • Firmware Upgrades
  • InControl2 Cloud Management
  • Hardware Warranty (requires device to be returned to Peplink prior to replacement being sent out)
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