Tire Pressure Monitoring

Peace of mind out on the road

Monitor, Manage, and Maintain

Experience confidence on every turn and reliability with every mile. Ensuring optimal tire pressure isn't just about getting the most out of your vehicle's performance, it's about your safety. Don't compromise your peace of mind or your journey - monitor your tire pressure with TST Tire Pressure Monitoring.

Why You Should Monitor Your Tire Pressure


Under- or over-inflated tires can lead to blowouts, poor traction, and decreased stopping ability, posing significant risk on the road.


Under-inflated tires have increased rolling resistance, which means your vehicle has to work harder and burn more fuel to move.


Both over-inflation and under-inflation can cause uneven wear patterns, reducing the longevity of your tires.

Which System is Best for You?


Pressure Monitoring with Cap Sensors

Easy to install, these sensors replace the existing cap on your tire's valve stem, allowing for fast pressure checks at a glance. With their durable construction and high-pressure range, they provide consistent, accurate readings, making them an excellent choice for drivers who want reliability with minimal effort.

Used on rubber and metal valve stems.


Pressure Monitoring with Flow-Thru Sensors

For those seeking convenience, our flow-thru sensors are the perfect fit. These sensors allow for tire pressure adjustment without the need to remove the sensor, saving you precious time and effort. Ideal for frequent travelers and commercial vehicle drivers, these sensors combine functionality with ease-of-use.

Only compatible with metal valve stems.


Pressure Monitoring with Internal Sensors

Our internal sensors offer the highest degree of accuracy when it comes to tire pressure monitoring. Installed inside the tire, these sensors are immune to theft and damage from road debris, providing a secure, long-lasting solution. They're perfect for drivers who need the most accurate readings.

Your tires will need to be removed for installation.

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