Getting Started with Mobile Internet

A Guide to Selecting the Right Internet Solution

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We started our mobile journey back in 2015, and feel your pain. Most customers are on their 2nd or 3rd solution by the time they get to us and have learned the hard way why our solutions can cost a bit more than the competition. "I just want reliable internet, why is this so hard?" is a question we get a lot. We get it, we are here to help and you are in the right place!

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How We Solved Mobile Internet

We've used our 100+ years of combined industry experience to create the ultimate in mobile connectivity. Our solutions are used by everyone from full-timers to first responders. Regardless of your level of technical expertise, we offer options to help you on your journey to location independence. Our satisfaction and price match guarantee ensures you will never pay more and always be protected.

Let's Start With Some Basics

Before selecting a solution, or scheduling a phone consultation, it's important to understand common terminology. This will help you better understand the features and options available so that you can select which features are most important to you on your journey to location independence.

Don't worry we'll keep it basic. You can always skip ahead to the blue banner below!

What's a Mobile Router?

Whether at home, at the office, or on the road, at the heart of most internet setups is a device called a router. Most routers consist of a firewall and a wireless access point. Routers for mobile users typically add a third device called a cellular modem. At the heart of our solutions is a mobile router with high-quality components and functionality, as this is the foundation of a reliable mobile internet setup.

A firewall performs two functions, it separates your private local network from the outside internet, keeping outside attackers out, and it also splits your internet connection so all of your devices can connect at the same time. A wireless access point transmits a low-powered wireless signal around the router for your devices to connect to, think of this as your "private Wi-Fi network". A cellular modem connects your router to the cellular networks via cellular towers located near your router.

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Understanding Modem Categories

A cellular modem is a component inside the mobile router that connects the device to the cellular networks. Not all cellular modems are created equal and most of the price differences you see have to do with the type and quantity of cellular modems a device has.

Higher category or "CAT" modems typically are faster and have the ability to connect to more cellular frequencies or "bands". The category of the modem will also affect the device's maximum download and upload speeds as higher-category modems can connect to multiple bands at the same time. Category 4, 6, 7, 12, 18, and 20 modems all refer to the category when operating on 4G networks. 5G devices that support 4G will typically be called 5G/CAT20 which means they work on 5G but also are CAT 20 when running on 4G networks.

Do I Need a Roof Antenna?

A Roof Antenna sits on the exterior of the vehicle or vessel and is designed to improve cellular & Wi-Fi reception. Roof antennas improve (up to 500x) your router's ability to receive signals so it's a good idea to consider one. Roof antennas have unique mounting options depending on the use case. All bundles include a roof antenna and portable antennas to get you started without needing to mount the roof antenna.

Many customers are concerned about mounting roof antennas, we understand and have interactive setup guides and video tutorials to help you get started. We can also speak to a mobile installer on your behalf to explain the installation process if you prefer.

Single vs Dual Modem

All Peplink devices with cellular modems have multiple sim card slots. This allows users to switch between slots via the Administration Console. A common mistake is confusing multiple "slots" with multiple "modems". A device may have multiple SIM slots but be a single modem device meaning that only one sim operates at a time. Dual modem devices can operate multiple connections at the same time but are more expensive.

Since no single internet connection is redundant, we recommend that anyone who relies on the internet should have at least 2 connections enabled at all times. Standard users who don't need to pay for multiple cellular plans get along just fine with single modem devices. Mobile workers should consider a multi-modem device. Single modem devices can be combined with external solutions like Starlink but those typically require setup and are not enabled at all times or in motion like cellular.

That's It! You've Got the Basics

Now Let's Talk About Picking a Solution!

Bundles. Everything You Need in a Discount Package.

Bundles include everything you need to get started with mobile internet including a mobile router, roof antenna, power cables, and optional cellular data plans to get you surfing right out of the box.

If you aren't interested in a bundle, they are still a good place to start as they feature the most popular mobile routers which can be purchased alone or with select accessories to meet your needs.

Pick Your Perfect Bundle

Each bundle series has unique features and budgetary considerations optimized for each type of customer.


"The technology is amazing and the people are helpful and nice. Very happy to have found them!"

- Kevin C, Verified Customer

Meet the Road Warrior

When connection reliability is everything, the Road Warrior has you covered. All Road Warrior bundles come with two redundant cellular modems and a wired ethernet port for adding Starlink or another external source and include WiFi-as-WAN functionality.

All Road Warrior bundles include SpeedFusion for combing multiple connections. Bonding multiple connections together can be done in under 5 minutes. The ultimate in reliable, stable, internet.

Road Warrior VR2

Budget Friendly Dual Modem Solution


Ultimate Road Warrior VR2

Powerful Blend of Performance & Value


Ultimate Road Warrior 5G

Ultimate Performance & Stability


Schedule a Consultation

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Meet the Speed Demon

If you're looking for the fastest possible cellular download speeds but don't need a device with multiple cellular modems, then the Speed Demon Bundles are for you. With maximum compatibility for the latest cellular spectrums and technology including LTE-Advanced and 5G, Speed Demon bundles push the speed limits of what is possible.

The Speed Demon bundles are available in a super-fast CAT-20 version or the newest 5G Version. All bundles come with a roof antenna, modem, and DC power cables for your convenience.

Speed Demon VR2

Budget Friendly Ultra Fast LTE-Advanced Solution


Speed Demon 5G

Ultra Fast 5G Mobile Internet Solution


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Considering a large purchase? Members save up to an additional 10% and receive upgraded free shipping, bonus reward points, Mobile Internet Resource Center access, and more. Consider joining today.


Meet the Full Timer

Everything you need and nothing you don't. Designed for the traveler who wants reliable access to the internet without breaking the bank or breaking any speed records. Time-tested, reliable internet for weekend warriors & full-timers.

Have up to 2 sim cards pre-loaded and switch between them at a click of a button. This bundle works great with Netflix and streaming and is a top seller for those who want to get connected without breaking the bank.

Budget Friendly Reliable Connectivity


Meet Starlink

Perfect for the traveler headed for parts unknown. By combining our super-fast Peplink routers and Starlink's satellite connectivity, these bundles will give you super-fast speeds even when outside of cellular range. Pair it with one of our cellular data plans for more reliability, as our Hot Failover system will ensure that if your Starlink connection fails due to bad weather, you won't experience any drop in connectivity as you seamlessly fall back on your cellular connection.

The Starlink bundles are available in Full Timer and Speed Demon. The Full Timer is a budget-friendly option that offers great reliability and speed, without breaking the bank. Need a bit more speed for gaming or working remotely? The Speed Demon will be best for you, with our best selling BR1 PRO 5G router giving you many connection options for optimum speed and reliability.

Full Timer VR1 Starlink

Budget Friendly Internet Solution with Starlink


Speed Demon VR1 Starlink

Ultra Fast 5G Mobile Internet Solution with Starlink