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Bundles include everything you need to get started with mobile internet, including a mobile router, roof and portable antennas, power cables, and optional cellular data plans to get you surfing right out of the box.

If you aren't interested in a bundle, they are still a good place to start. Bundles feature our most popular mobile routers, which can be individually purchased.

Which bundle is right for you?

Bundles are broken into groups with different features and are named for their target user. Which features are most important to you?

Meet the Road Warrior

When connection reliability is everything, the Road Warrior has you covered. All Road Warrior bundles come with two redundant cellular modems and a wired ethernet port for adding Starlink or another external source and include WiFi-as-WAN functionality.

All Road Warrior bundles include SpeedFusion for combining multiple connections. Bonding multiple connections together can be done in under 5 minutes. The ultimate in reliable and stable internet.

Ultimate Road Warrior VR2

Powerful blend of Performance and Value

Options start at $1,247

Member price starts at $1,123

Ultimate Road Warrior 5G

Ultimate Performance and Stability

Options start at $3,005

Member price starts at $2,705

Meet the Speed Demon

If you're looking for the fastest possible cellular download speeds but don't need a device with multiple cellular modems, then the Speed Demon bundles are for you. With maximum compatibility for the latest cellular spectrums and technology including LTE-Advanced and 5G, Speed Demon bundles push the speed limits of what it possible.

The Speed Demon bundles are available in the super-fast CAT20 version or the newest 5G version. All bundles come with a roof antenna, modem, and DC power cables for your convenience. Starlink can be added to all of our bundles.

Speed Demon 5G

Ultra-fast 5G Mobile Internet Solution

Options start at $1,247

Member price starts at $1,123

Speed Demon with Starlink

5G cellular paired with Starlink's High-Perfomance Antenna

Options start at $3,463

Member price starts at $3,362

Meet the Full Timer

Everything you need and nothing you don't. Designed for the traveler who wants reliable access to the internet without breaking the bank or breaking any speed records. Time-tested, reliable internet for weekend warriors and full timers.

Have up to 2 SIM cards pre-loaded and switch between them at a click of a button. This bundle works great with Netflix and streaming and is a top seller for those who want to get connected without breaking the bank. Starlink can be added to all of our bundles for redundancy.

Full Timer VR3

Budget Friendly, Reliable Connection

Options start at $630

Member price starts at $567

Full Timer with Starlink

Budget Friendly, Multiple Connections with Starlink

Options start at $2,943

Member price starts at $2,896

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