Support Policy

This page outlines the technical support policy including both complimentary technical support provided as part of a purchase and paid technical support that may be available in addition to complimentary support.  This policy does not apply to customer service-related inquiries such as checking on the status of an order, inquiring about a return, or any other non-technical customer service activity.  

Support Eligibility 

Support is available to customers who have purchased products and/or services from or are the “end user” for products purchased from and resold to the customer by a registered dealer/installer aka “authorized user”. 

Products must have a valid manufacturer warranty to be eligible for complimentary support. Support is provided only to the authorized user listed on the invoice unless otherwise authorized by Complimentary support is provided for a period of one year from the date of shipment to authorized users. reserves the right to refuse support to anyone at our sole discretion.  

Support Scope and Limitations 

Authorized users are eligible to receive up to 3 complimentary support incidents per purchased device for up to 1-year after purchase (ship date). Support will only be provided to devices that have a valid manufacturer warranty. An incident is defined as a single support issue and the reasonable efforts needed to resolve it. A single support issue is a problem that can't be broken down into subordinate problems. If it can be broken down into subordinate problems, each subordinate problem shall be considered a separate incident. An incident may require multiple contacts and offline research to achieve final resolution. Support incidents are limited to products and services purchased at Peripherals and other connected devices are not supported under complimentary support. For supported devices and incidents, will make reasonable effort to resolve your issue however, we do not guarantee a positive resolution. The scope of services provided under complimentary support are:  

  • Working with customer to determine if the product is defective or requires warranty assistance from the manufacturer.
  • Provide walk through documentation, videos and links of baseline configurations of routers, access points and other equipment sold by for customer to follow.
  • Assist in the configuration of cellular data plans purchased from and troubleshooting data plan connection issues.  

Support Exclusions 

Complimentary support includes access to documentation, guides and walk throughs that are available in our public support forums at Support team will work to identify potential solutions to your issue and provide links to solutions and guides however our team will not engage in hands on h h technical support or troubleshooting as part of complimentary support. Customers are responsible for implementing the guides, suggestions and solutions provided by our Support Department.  

Reps and Warranties 

Warranties are not provided by, they are provided by the manufacturer and at their sole discretion. This may affect the speed, quality, and shipping speed of your support request if the manufacturer’s assistance is required.

Furthermore, does not guarantee the support services which are provided as-is. Customers are responsible for backing up all configurations and solely responsible for any issues, loss of service, or failure resulting from following our guides or utilizing our support services. For a copy of the terms related to a manufacturer warranty, please contact our team, and we will provide you with links if not listed below.  

Wireless Customers 

Authorized users subscribing to data plans are eligible to receive support on their wireless data plan if the account is in good standing. Cellular data plans are provided by 3rd party wireless carriers and as with any cellular data plan, speeds are not guaranteed and may be affected by environmental factors, cellular tower saturation, and other elements of the configuration. will make a reasonable effort to resolve your issue, however we do not guarantee a positive resolution.   

Support Methods 

Support is provided by email and if required, scheduled telephone appointments at a mutually agreed time during support business hours.  

Support Hours 

Support is provided Monday – Friday from 9:00 am-5:00 pm Eastern Time. 

Changes to Support Policy may change its support policy from time to time and may do so without providing formal notice to customers. To check the current support policy at any time, bookmark this page and refer to the current posted Support Policy.