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Choosing the right internet solution can be a challenge.

There are so many options - cellular vs satellite, single modem vs dual modem, so many kinds of antennas, and the list goes on! And on top of that, the technology is progressing and changing all the time. Our insider memberships help you stay informed and make educated decisions on your mobile internet setup for your unique lifestyle.

We can help.

We've partnered with the leaders in RV Internet Education - the Mobile Internet Resource Center ("MIRC") - to deliver best-in-class guides, exclusive discounts, product reviews, gear analyses, and more! Connect with your fellow travelers in our Q&A video webinars, private Facebook group, and member exclusive forums. Grow your understanding of mobile internet and all the equipment you need to create your perfect internet setup for your travels.

Exclusive Savings

Enjoy the highest discounts we'll ever offer - exclusive for members only

Best-in-Class Education

Learn from top experts in RV travel with how-to guides, live webinars, and product analyses

Strong Community

Join our online communty and discuss upcoming product launches, tips and tricks, and gear recommendations

2x Rewards Points

Get 2.5% back on every purchse in rewards points, to go towards future purchases

Get 10% off all MobileMustHave products every time you order with us.

*Some exclusions apply due to manufacturer requirements.

We'll waive our 15% restocking fee on returns if your item is returned in new condition.

Get unbiased information about mobile internet products with the MIRC Gear Center. Focusing on consumer-accessible options for RVs and boats, the Gear Center performs independent analysis about all kinds of mobile internet products. Overviews are free to the public, but members receive access to in-depth reviews, tutorials, vendor discounts, and field testing data.

Explore real-word applications, guides, and videos for a variety of common mobile connectivity topics - like working remotely, home schooling on the road, international travel, gaming, remote streaming, unlimited data plans, and more!

Gain access to advanced configuration guides, discussion threads on new or in-development products, and interact directly with fellow community members and product experts from MIRC.

Receive the most up-to-date information, gear analyses, breaking stories, and insider tips, before they become accessible to everyone else.

Attend exclusive interactive webinars throughout the month and learn how to take your internet game to the next level.

Mobile Internet Q&A- Meet with MIRC's experts to get answers to all your questions about mobile internet, devices, plans, optimizing your setup, or recent news items. Hosted by MIRC.

Peplink Product Series- Go in-depth on a specific Peplink product or configuration, and improve your mastery of the subject. Co-hosted by MIRC and MobileMustHave.

Peplink 101 Q&A- This is your chance to ask all your burning questions about which Peplink product is right for you or about how to leverage your existing setup to get the best possible connection. Hosted by MobileMustHave.

This structured course walks you through MIRC's guides, ramping up from just understanding your options to assessing your needs to actually selecting the perfect plans and gear for your lifestyle.

*Add-on an optional Video Course to become a mobile internet master - access over 40 exclusive videos and attend interactive live student workshops with MIRC's team of experts.

Save $10 on your cellular data plan renewal every month. That's $120 in savings every year!

Members Pay Zero activation fees for data plans. This makes turning data plans on and off even easier.

Earn twice the rewards points on all orders! With each purchase, get 2.5% back in rewards points that are redeemable for future purchases.

Accrued points can be redeemed for gift cards or store credit at checkout, saving you money on every transaction. 

Access MIRC's co-created Peplink Resource Center, the central hub of everything Peplink. Learn about the product line, access detailed articles about Peplink's features and more!

Get faster shipping on orders over $199. If placed before 2:00PM EST Monday - Friday, get free same-day shipping on orders over $199.

 *Due to shipping regulations, hazardous items or oversized items (35lbs+) are not eligible for upgraded shipping. 

We'll take on dealing with manufacturer warranties for you. If you purchased equipment through us and it is defective or faulty, we'll send you a replacement router at no extra charge and a pre-paid shipping label for the faulty device. Once the faulty router has made it to us, we'll handle the warranty process from there.

 *In-Warranty devices only

  *A fully refundable deposit of $500 will be placed on your card pending receipt of the faulty router. This will be fully refunded once the device is returned and inspected by our service department.

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"Having this membership and resource has been a God send for me. Thank you to the kind folks that have helped me so far on my journey to be connected on the road."


"This membership essentially paid for itself with the additional discount on my first purchase. And to add to that, I get to be a member of the Mobile Internet Resource Center as well and it was just a no brainer. Highly recommend!"


"I highly recommend the membership. Internet and network connectios can be intimidating. I feel that the memberships provide all the information and support needed to manage an important piece of my family's next adventure."


"Getting into the mobile internet world was intimidating but the membership gets you access to some groups, forums, and guides that are extremely resourceful. Then the discount on the equipment- which is really helpful as these routers and antennas can be pricey! Overall would recommend!"



Our membership discount works on all hardware purchases. Data plans and the membership itself are excluded. Starlink is also not included due to manufacturer restrictions.

Yes, once you add the membership to your cart you should immediately begin seeing your savings in the cart!

Yes, the membership discount will stack with bundle discounts. For other discount codes, we can only offer up to 10% off your total order, so the Explore membership will not stack.

Yes, your data plan discount will work on multiple data plans. You can also stack our multi-plan discount on top of your membership discount, allowing for a whopping $240 in savings annually (with 2 plans and the explore membership).

After checking out, your membership should become active immediately. Log in to your account to see your new discounts taking effect!

You can upgrade your membership to one of our Insider memberships and receive a pro-rated refund from MIRC. Learn more here!

You'll get an email from MIRC within one business day with instructions on how to get your MIRC membership set up!

Yes, our insider memberships will renew automatically every year on the date you ordered them. 

While we don't offer one-on-one support with membership, Explore Members do get access to our tech support forums, where you can connect with fellow enthusiasts and internet experts for support.

If you haven't received your MIRC account information yet, have no fear! Reach out to MIRC directly at and they'll get you set right up!

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