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Portable powerhouses so you stay connected anywhere you roam

On the Go Connectivity

Experience total digital freedom with Peplink's revolutionary mobile routers. Whether you're looking for high-speed internet for gaming, super reliable internet for remote work, or just want to be able to check your social media from your RV, we have the internet solution for you.

Why Peplink?

Reliable - It Just Works!

Originally created for police and first responders, Peplink prioritized reliability and ease of use for all of its routers.

Never Lose Internet, Even if a Connection Fails

Experience lightning fast speeds and failsafe connections with Peplink's proprietary SpeedFusion technology, bonding multiple internet sources into one ultra-reliable stream.

Manage All Connections on One Single Dashboard

With local admin and InControl 2, you can now manage all of your connections on a single screen without changing your network.


Connect to campground, marina, or public WiFi and use it as a source of internet through your Peplink router.

Daisy Chain for Limitless Connections

Connect Peplink routers together to create limitless configurations to perfectly suit your internet needs.

Compatible with Starlink

Utilize Starlink alongside your other connections and take advantage of Starlink's speed while making up for any reliability issues with your other connections.


The MAX Transit Duo Pro

Switch between two data sources right from your Peplink Admin
Tons of bandwidth means that this is the perfect router for big families or power users
Automatically switch between connections if one fails
Expand to more modems and connect Starlink, data plans, and more!

Best Selling Routers

Peplink MAX Transit Duo Pro Mobile Router
Peplink MAX BR1 MINI Mobile Router (CAT-7 - HW3)
NEW x62 Chipset
Peplink MAX BR2 Pro Dual 5G Mobile Router (X62)
NEW x62 Chipset
Peplink MAX BR1 Pro 5G Mobile Router (X62)

A Solution for Everyone

RV & Vanlife

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Rural Living

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Frequently Asked Questions

The heart of most internet setups. Consists of two systems - a firewall and wireless access point. Our routers also have a third system - a cellular modem. To learn more, check out our Getting Started Guide.

A modem is a component within the mobile router. All modems are categorized by the type and quality of its components - higher category (CAT) modems are typically faster and will affect the device's download and upload speeds. High CAT modems can also connect to multiple bands at the same time.

Yes! Every purchase of a router through MobileMustHave includes free training to help you learn how to use and optimize your new device.

Still not sure? We also offer remote setup for a small fee - we'll remote into your device and complete your setup and optimization for you!

All routers with cellular modems have multiple SIM card slots - but if there's only one modem in the router it can only use one SIM card at a time. Multi-modem devices can operate multiple SIM cards at once, leading to more reliable connectivity.

Yes! We have hand curated bundles for people just like you that include the essentials for internet connectivity - the router, antenna, and power system. We also recommend at least one data plan for internet on the go. Check them out here!

Find Something Your Speed


Essential Connectivity

I need internet for web browsing, email, social media, or light internet use
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Full Timer Connectivity

I need speed for streaming, more devices, or moderate internet use
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Road Warrior Connectivity

I need speed and reliability for remote working, online gaming, lots of devices, or heavy internet use
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