TRIO Flatmount for Starlink Gen 3

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Description:  A flat mount for Starlink's Gen 3 Dish

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The TRIO Flatmount is a low-profile mounting solution for Starlink Gen 3 dishes. The Gen 3 dish is the latest rectangular dish available from, if your dish has a kickstand mount then this is the mount for you! 

The TRIO Flatmount allows customers to secure and conveniently mount their Starlink Gen 3 on their boat, RV, or vehicle permanently or temporarily using a variety of optional mounting methods making it scalable and future proof. The TRIO Flatmount can be installed and uninstalled without modifying your dish from its factory configuration ensuring no issues with your warranty. It is a direct replacement for the factory kickstand, simply slide the factory kickstand out and the TRIO Flatmount in and your ready for mounting (video instructions available).

Mountain Options:

The TRIO Flatmount has a variety of mounting installation options which are outlined below. 

  • Mount Only: Simply supply your own screws and mount to any surface, note that a release lever is not included for removal.
  • Optional Standard Screw/Bolt Mount with Release Level: Stainless bolts are included as well as a release lever for bolt installation. Suppliment bolts for screws (not included) if you have a fiberglass or other suitable roof. 
  • Optional Magnetic Mount: Rubber coated high strength magnets suitable for in motion use are included. Requires magnetic surface.
  • Optional VHB Mounting Discs for TRIO FlatmountPowder coated steel metal pads with adhesive backing.  Designed to be paired with the Magnet Mounts for us on none-magnet surfaces
  • Optional 3M VHB Adhesive Mount: Includes high strength landing pads pre-installed with outdoor rated 3M VHB adhesive and release lever. Popular mount for RV installations that are permanent without the need to drill holes in the roof*.

NOTE: If you have a curved roof, the mount itself has a slight flex, but you may need to use our pivoting leg adapters for maximum surface area contact when using rubber-coated magnets, VHB landing pads, or suction cups. Please add to your order if required.

Release Lever: Fixed-mount options (through bolt and VHB adhesive) include our custom-designed lever to allow easy removal of the dish from the mount when desired. This allows the user to quickly remove it from the vehicle and reinstall the Starlink kickstand to deploy in another location (e.g. to use at home or away from the vehicle when parked under trees).

* Strength: This mount has been designed to be used (and has been tested) in normal driving conditions and turbulence (at highway speeds). If installing with VHB adhesive we recommend covering the landing pad perimeter with Dicor self leveling adhesive to prevent the elements from attacking the VHB adhesive over time. If permanently mounting, it is recommended to install behind another item (e.g. AC unit, storage box, etc) for wind dampening. Always clean your mounting surface thoroughly using rubbing alcohol (metal, plastic, fiberglass roofs) or mineral spirits (TPO rubber roofs). Check with your manufacturer for roof cleaning guidelines.  It is ultimately up to the end user to make sure the antenna mount is secured appropriately.

Made in BC, Canada.

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