Pepwave CAT-18 FlexModule Mini For Balance Series Routers

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Part Number: EXM-MINI-1GLTE-G


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Description:  ExpansionModules for Balance 20X / 380X / 580X

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Pepwave FlexModule Mini are compatable with Peplink Balance 20X / 380X / 580X series routers. Modules are available in Category 6,12, 18 and 5G/Cat 20 variants with support for Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T as well asother carriers including international carriers. 

Complete specifications available on Documentation Tab.

Category 18 Modem 

The mobile router is equipped with one or more category 18 LTE Advanced Pro cellular modems with a maximum download speed of 1.2Gbps and a maximum upload speed of 150Mbps (typical speeds range from 10-150mbps depending on cellular network conditions and coverage). The category of the modem impacts the maximum upload and download speed of the device and what cellular bands or "channels" the device can connect to. Cellular bands act similarly to "channels" on television, each cellular provider broadcasts on specific bands. Category 18 modems support connecting to the primary bands of all major carriers such as Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint & AT&T and step up lower category modems to include additional LTE secondary bands for increased speed and coverage in many areas. This typically includes support for AT&T Band 14, and TMobile's Band 71. For a complete list of bands supported, click the documentation tab for detailed specifications.

Category 18 modems are popular with customers who prefer the high speed over the connection stability offered by a dual modem device capable of cellular bonding. Category 18 modems are very popular with customers that need the fastest possible speeds for large file downloads or uploads or who require access to secondary bands to improve performance on a particular cellular carrier. Category 18 modems can bring faster speeds but can come with trade-offs. Category 18 routers typically are single modem devices as a dual modem version would require 8 cellular antennas and be costly. Category 18 modems also may not function on certain data plans where Category 18 modems are not authorized by the cellular carrier for that plan.

Full Specifications

Looking for the full specifications on this product? Not to worry, they are located above under the "Documentation" Tab just above by the product description. 


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