MobileMustHave B300 Wireless Service Update

This message contains important information about the wireless service provided by AT&T and

This is a follow-up email to the changes that have been made by AT&T to the current plan offered with If you missed the first email you can see a copy of that here.

In our first correspondence about this issue, we reported that it was just a small number of our customers that were experiencing the issues. Unfortunately, as we've dug into the issue to try to find a solution, we discovered that many more lines were impacted than originally thought. Due to this, we have made the decision to migrate all lines that are still on the B300 plan over to our new B800 plan.

This message is being posted again because some lines have not been migrated to the new plan currently being offered. We are going to be moving all remaining lines to this new plan on March 22nd. The migration will happen throughout the day and a email confirmation will be sent to you once your line has been migrated.

At the time of migration, it will be required for all customers to update their APN settings. We will share instructions on how to do this once the line has been updated.

If you are currently experiencing slow speeds, your current line may already be impacted. You can reach out to use directly via chat or email and we can migrate your current line at any time.

You can read more about the new plan offering below.
B800 Plan Details:
Carrier Network: AT&T
Data Usage: 800GB/mo
Speed: 8Mbps Download/Upload

This plan has a higher data soft cap at 800gb and will not suspend service if usage exceeds 800GB. The speed cap of 8Mbps provides enough bandwidth for HD streaming, VOIP, Zoom and most remote work functions. Most importantly it gets everyone back online ASAP who has been or will be affected.

There is no action required at this time. We will be migrating the remaining lines on the 22nd if you don't reach out before then. If you do reach out, we are working through responses as fast as we can but it may take us a short while to respond.

- Data Team


[Update March 22, 2022]

All customer lines have been migrated and are now on the new plan.  If you missed the email around the migration process, you can see the final email here with next steps.