MMH B300 Wireless Service Alert

B300 Wireless Service Alert, February 23, 2022

[Posted Feb 22, 2022] This message contains important information about our B300 wireless service provided by AT&T and  

Earlier this week we began receiving reports from a small portion of our customers that our B300 Wireless plans were being throttled by AT&T, the backend carrier for that plan. We immediately reached out to our AT&T wholesale partners to investigate the issue.  

AT&T has not been able to provide us a root cause and cannot explain why only a portion of customer’s are affected. Indications point to this being related to the shutdown of the 3G networks at AT&T which affects data plans that use custom APN’s, which include our B300 plan. Other providers of similar plans are impacted by this unexpected shift too. 

Some customers are seeing speeds of approximately .5mbps download/upload, this is a sign that the line was effected by this change.

With a lack of information from AT&T, we are choosing to take proactive steps to ensure smooth service for everyone.  

First, we have suspended new activations of the B300 plan until we have additional information.  Customer who have already purchased a B300 plan that is not activated, please contact us for options available immediately. 

We are implemented a fix for existing customers and have sent out communications requesting they contact us for resolution. Currently lines are being restored to functionality in less than 4 business hours. 

We are continuing to monitor the situation and are working on alternative data options with additional carriers and will share that information as soon as it is available. We expect to have alternative options available to customers within 15-30 days and will resume activations for new customers likely in a similar timeframe. 

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by the carrier and our wholesale partners. 


Erik McCauley 
Founder –  


[Update March 22, 2022]

All customer lines have been migrated and are now on the new plan.  If you missed the email around the migration process, you can see the final email here with next steps.