Poynting 5-in-1 Cellular, WIFI & GPS RV and Marine Roof Antenna

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Description:  Poynting 5-in-1 Roof Antenna with 2x2 Cellular 2x2 WiFi and 1x GPS


Self Leveling Roof Sealant

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The Poynting MIMO-3-V2-15 is a 5-in-1 roof antenna with various mounting options including an optional magnet mount option. The antenna has 2x2 Cellular 2x2 WiFi and 1x GPS antenna elements included in the housing.  The antenna includes an 82.5'' (6.8ft) cable with the appropriate fittings to fit Cradlepoint, Peplink/Pepwave, and other devices. RP-SMA adapters are included for the WiFi leads. Shorter cables mean less cable loss and better cable reception. 

This antenna is specifically designed for the transportation and marine industry and do not require a grounding plate to function (grounding plate integrated into housing). 

Detailed antenna specifications are included in the Documentation tab. 

Omni-Directional Antenna

The antenna featured on this page is an omni-directional antenna. Omni-directional antennas are designed to pick up signals in a 360-degree pattern around the antenna and do not require that they be aimed or pointed at the cellular or WIFI broadcasting tower.  Omni-directional antennas offer a blend of performance and ease of use over directional antennas that may have higher performance and gain specifications.  Omni-directional antennas also perform well if a customer is utilizing multiple cellular or WIFI connections that may be broadcasting in different directions, for example if a customer has data plans from multiple cellular providers and cell towers are in different directions. Omni-directional antennas are the preferred style of antenna for mobile travelers and those who change their location and method of connecting to the internet frequently as they offer solid performance without the need to point the antenna. 

Directional antennas may be better suited than omni-directional antennas for customers with fixed locations such as rural home or business customers.

Ground Plane Optional

The antennas on this page do not require a ground plane, but adding one will typically improve performance if your installation will allow it. Ground planes are metal sheets of metal (typically aluminum or galvanized steel) that the antenna mounts on top of. For optimal performance a ground plane of a minimum of 16" in diameter is typically recommended. The ground plane does not need to be grounded or wired to the chassis ground of the vehicle, the metal sheet simply helps the cellular and WiFi signals bounce into the antenna optimizing performance. Ground planes are available in various sizes on our store including a flexible adhesive ground plane or a 16 inch aluminum ground plane. For more information on ground planes visit the Ground Plane Guide on Mobile Internet Resource Center.

Which Roof Antenna is Right For You?

We have a variety of choices for roof antennas based on your particular installation need. In general, higher priced antennas have better performance and are future proofed for newer technology such as Nationwide 5G making upgrades down the road easier. Higher performance antennas may be larger, so size and installation requirements is a consideration. We offer a variety of options for customers with unique installation requirements, mounting requirements, brand or budget preference. We have put together our 5-in-1 Antenna Comparison Chart to help aid in your decision as well as a video outlining some top choices.. Still not sure? Start up a chat below and we will be glad to assist you.

FirstNet Ready

This device is FirstNet Ready! FirstNet is the nationwide public safety communications platform dedicated to America's first responders. Being built with AT&T, in public-private partnership with the FirstNet Authority, FirstNet utilizes Band-14, which is reserved for public safety but is also being marketed as available to the public for additional bandwidth capacity. In testing Band-14 has been made available during non-emergency situations to the public to provide additional bandwidth and coverages to customers who have a modem that supports FirstNet's Band-14. Not all modems that support Band-14 are "FirstNet Certified" however they typically can connect to Band-14 in most areas. Information on FirstNet certifications can be found on Specification sheets located on the Documentation Tab. Additional information about FirstNet's use and technology can be found in this article from our friends at the RV Mobile Internet Resource Center.

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MobileMustHave.com Poynting 5-in-1 Cellular, WIFI & GPS RV and Marine Roof Antenna ReviewMobileMustHave.com Poynting 5-in-1 Cellular, WIFI & GPS RV and Marine Roof Antenna Review

Successful antenna install

Overall installing the antenna was a successful project. The antenna was shipped quickly and received in good shape. Followed a couple of you video's for installation help. I used a stud finder inside on the ceiling to make sure that I was not drilling thru any roof trusses. I drilled from the inside thru the roof to verify the location and turned out right where I wanted it. The biggest challenge was feeding the 5 cables thru the roof and then down thru the ceiling. I ended up drilling a little bigger hole, 11/4 to allow for the routing of the cables. This made a big difference and antenna attachment and sealing was accomplished in short order. As far as antenna performance, its to early to tell. While I cannot see any appreciable improvement over the Pepwave paddle antennas, I am in a very challenging fringe cell area, so once the weather breaks, I will go for a spin and try again. One of my easier RV projects. Overall maybe an hour, would have been faster if I had an assistant on the inside to help with the routing of the cables...

Al R.
United States United States

Better Reception

Needed an antenna for my campground setup this works great

Michael M.
United States United States

Great antenna, little awkward with cabling.

It is absolutely great, except for the cabling is a little awkward on the Pepwave Max BR1 MK2. This was fixed by adding 2 small SMA extension cables to the WiFi side.

Russell A.
United States United States

Poynting Antenna

This has increased the signal strength to my pepwave router and I am very satisfied.

David R.
United States United States

Excellent cellular antenna

Really improved the cellular signal to my wi-fi router. Not difficult to install, looks at home on the roof of my RV.

Barry M.