Blu Tech Off-Grid System Inlet Hose

Blu Tech 5' Off Grid Inlet Hose

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Description:  5' Stainless Steel Braided Hose with Pre-Filter and Adjustable Flotation Device, for Blu Tech Off Grid Water Filtration Systems

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The 5 Foot Stainless Steel Quick Connect Inlet Hose for Blu Tech Off-Grid Water Filtration Systems is a Stainless Steel Braided Hose with a Sediment Pre-Filter and Adjustable Flotation Device. The hose features a pre filter to remove any larger sediment from entering into your filtration system from the water source, and extending the life of your filters. It also includes an adjustable flotation to keep the pre-filter from touching the bottom of the lake or riverbed.

Pull water directly from a lake or stream into your Blu Technology Off-Grid Water Filtration System. The 5’ Stainless Steel Off-Grid Inlet Hose is compatible with all Blu Tech Off-Grid Water Filtration Systems, including the MRX, MRX+, RX, and RX+.