Introducing M-Series
Multi-Carrier Data Plans

Imagine a world where your Peplink mobile router can connect to every major cellular carrier for one low fee and do it without a SIM card.

It's all possible with the new M-Series Multi-Carrier Data Plans

Why choose MobileMustHave
M-series Data Plans?

True Unlimited Options

From low cost pay as you go plans to unlimited plan options. We've got you covered with no contracts

Multi-Carrier Support

3 major cellular carriers under one roof. This means better flexibility in connectivity on your travels

SIMple Activation

Powered by Peplink FusionSIM, a sim-free technology that offers same day plan activation

Complete Visibility

View data plan usage and remaining balance right from your Peplink dashboard

Peplink Compatible

Powered by Peplink FusionSIM technology for reliability, scalability & future proof solution

Peplink Support

Peplink Certified US-Based MMH Support included with all data plan subscriptions.

*Requires FusionSIM compatible Peplink device and internet connection for FusionSIM provisioning. One concurrent FusionSIM link provided for each M-Series data plan subscription. Customers may register up to 3 Peplink routers per M-Series data plan and use any one router at a time with each M-Series subscription.

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100GB /Month

Ideal for regular browsing and staying connected

500GB /Month

Perfect for heavy usage, streaming, work and play

Unlimited /Month

Ultimate plan for heavy users and multiple devices

Pay As You Go Flex Plans

Weekly Pass | 7-Day Plan

Getting away for a long weekend or have that work meeting that needs backup connections when it matters most? The 7-Day Pass is for you! This unlimited data plan comes with multi-carrier coverage and unlimited data good for 7 days.

Yearly Pass | 100GB of Data

Don't need large amounts of data every month but want a backup plan on every carrier when you need it most? Get 100GB of data good for 1 year from data of activation that operates on 3 major networks.

M-Series for the Digital Nomad

Whether you need unlimited data or you want multiple plans to ensure you always stay online with a backup, M-Series Multi-Carrier Data Plans keep you connected no matter where you roam. They pair perfectly with Peplink's SpeedFusion keeping you online with unbreakable connectivity.

M-Series for the Weekend Warriors

Need reliable unlimited data for a weekend trip or holiday weekend? Pick up our 7-Day unlimited plan designed for streaming, gaming, and keeping you online even when you are out of office.

M-Series for Starlink

Add a M-Series Multi-Carrier Data Plan as a backup to your Starlink connection to enable SpeedFusion with a Peplink router. No more dropped Zoom calls. Consider smaller data plan choices for instances when obstructions affect your Starlink connection and you need a cellular backup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my device compatible with the new Multi-Carrier Plans?

Not all devices are compatible. Please check the compatibility list before purchasing.

Peplink Balance series: 20X*, 310 5G, 310 Fiber 5G, 310X, 310X 5G, 380X*, 580X*, SDX Pro^, EPX^

Peplink MAX Series: MBX, MBX 5G, MBX Mini, PDX, BR1 ESN, BR1 IP55 (HW 4 or above), BR2 Pro, HD1 Dome Pro, Peplink Dome 5G, HD2 Dome, Transit Duo Pro, Transit Pro E, Transit Core, UBR LTE, UBR Plus, SFE (HW 2 or above), SFE CAM.


^ with FlexModule Plus EXM-3LTEA-W, EXM-3LTEA-P, EXM-3LTEA-R, EXM-3LTEA-K, EXM-2GLTE-G or EXM-2X5G

I don't travel full time and don't need data all the time. What are my options?

Our pay as you go flex plans are designed with you in mind! These one-time purchase options allow you to get as much data as you need. From short term options that have unlimited use for 3 days, to long term plans that you pay once a year for, the flexibility with M-series is unmatched!

How long does it take to activate my new plan? 

We aim to activate plans the same day (M-F) when activation is requested by 2pm (EST). Activations will be completed within 24 hours from time of request during business hours.

How do I configure M-Series Plans?

Once activated, configuring your M-Series data plan on your Peplink device is easy. Simply select "FusionSIM" from the list of available connections under the cellular details of the modem. As part of your purchase our Support team will guide you through the setup and optimal configuration of your plan, all part of your purchase.

What is the benefit of adding a multi-carrier plan to my existing plan? 

M-series plans do not have a physical SIM card and work great as add-on plans to our traditional data plans. They are a perfect pairing as they can provide backup data at a lower cost/capacity while giving you access to all 3 major cellular carriers. Many customers who want to utilize SpeedFusion bonding for more reliable internet but don't want to pay for a second high capacity plan can benefit from our low cost M series options. Not sure what to choose? Reach out to us and a MMH Specialist will help you get sorted.

How much data do I need?

How you use the internet can greatly impact this answer. Here are some typical users for guidance.

  1. Casual: Light internet use. General internet scrolling, casual video calling, light streaming. 100-300GB per month is normally enough data for this type of use.
  2. Working/Professional: Heavier internet users who want to use the internet like home/office internet. Usage can changed based on the type of work and the amount of streaming and video calls. 500-1000gb/m is the expected range for a heavy user.
  3. Backup Data Plan: Depending on your primary plan, you may use your back up data more than others. If your primary plan is something like Starlink you might want a bigger backup plan like the M100. This gives you 100gb a month of usage for when you need to flip on cellular because the sky is not accessable. For those who want a smaller option, look at the 100gb/y plan. No monthly fee, one time and the data is good for a year.


Why are your plans and devices more expensive? 

Hot spot plans from the major US-based carriers that normally have a low data cap. Even when they say unlimited, the high-speed data will have a pretty low cap. You are also working with one carrier at a time. To get full coverage, you would need a plan from each carrier. The M-series plan is one plan, all major US carriers.

Do I need an existing Internet Connection?

Our M-Series data plans use an existing internet connection to connect to the Peplink FusionSIM cloud. Once a connection is established, the original connection is no longer needed. To "link" your M-Series data plan you can use an existing cellular connection, your phone's wifi using WIFI-as-WAN or another conncetion like Starlink etc. Beta Feature: Our plans also include 500mb of Peplink eSIM data in the event you device has no connections out to the internet.

Are Multi-Carrier Plans right for me?

M-Series Multi-Carrier data plans provide ultimate flexibility for the most demanding data needs. FusionSIM cloud technology enables customers access to data plans of all shapes and sizes from each of the major carriers ensuring you always have what you need to stay conected. Whether searching for a low cost backup plan to enable multi-modem support or a high usage plan to use as your primary internet, M-Series has an option for you. Not all Peplink devices support M-Series data plans, check out our FAQ for more information on compatibility.