Everything You Need for Full-Time Travel

Getting Connected with Mobile Internet

Looking for the basics of mobile internet? Check out our blog post here if you're just starting out.

The Full Timer Bundle

Everything You Need in One Package

Tailored for those who just need the essentials for getting connected on-the-go, this upgraded edition ensures every traveler can access dependable internet without breaking the bank.

The Speed Demon 5G Bundle

Get Blazing Speeds in One Package

Get blazing speeds with the new and improved Speed Demon 5G internet bundle - perfectly curated for the traveler who wants exceptional speed and performance, while also future proofing as the 5G network expands.

Just want a router?

MAX Transit Pro Duo Mobile Router

With incredible bandwidth, endless customizability, and impressive stability, the Transit Pro is easily one of the best internet solutions on the market. Whether you're using it alone and enjoying its plug-n-play installation, or pairing it with an antenna for even better connectivity, the Transit Pro is an excellent choice for any RV traveler.

Wanting a 5G option?

MAX BR1 Pro 5G Mobile Router

The single-modem MAX BR1 5G Mobile Router is an excellent choice for the traveler looking to stay connected on-the-go with cellular data who want a blazing fast single cellular connection that is expandable for added connectivity.

Water Filtration

Filtering your water is integral to your family's safety out on the road. Campground water and other public sources may have contaminants that make the water taste bad or may even be dangerous. A water filtration system is vital to the everyday traveler. Want to learn more? Click here!

Premium Water Filtration Bundle

Everything You Need For Water Filtration

Enjoy a complete water filtration solution, including the exclusive MR3 filtration system, water hoses, splitter, and pressure regulator. We've put everything you need into one simple bundle!

Elite Water Filtration by blu tech

MR3 3-Stage Water Filtration System

Portable in-line water filtration designed to connect right between your RV and water source. With patented electroadsorptive media technology, the high-flow 0.2 micron filter removes pathogens and contaminants from your water to keep you and your family safe. Plus, increase the life of your filters and enjoy great taste with the other filters!

Power Protection

Any RV'er with a few years under their belt will tell you that campground electric wiring can be faulty a lot. Why take the risk? Surge protectors are essential to keeping your RV's electronics safe from power spikes and preventing fires caused by surges.

This smart surge protector doesn't just protect your RV - it also lets you monitor your power usage right from your phone. And if a surge does happen, the surge protection module is easily replaced without having to get a new unit! It even automatically shuts off your power when it senses dangerous power levels, and turns back on when power levels return to normal. Want to learn more? Click here!

Hughes Autoformers Power Watchdog Smart Surge Protector with Emergency Power Shutoff (30A)


Hughes Autoformers Power Watchdog Smart Surge Protector with Emergency Power Shutoff (50A)


Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Monitoring your tire pressure is vital for anyone living the nomadic lifestyle. Given the significant weight and load an RV carries, proper tire inflation is crucial for ensuring safe travel, optimal fuel efficiency, and tire longevity.

These TPMS provide real-time data, alerting you of any abnormalities that might lead to blowouts or uneven tire wear. With the varying conditions you might encounter on the road, having a TPMS isn't a luxury - its essential! Want to learn more? Click here!

TST TPMS with Cap Sensors

Cap-style sensors are easy to install and are a super convenient way to continuously monitor their tire pressure. Just screw onto your rubber or metal valve stem and you're good to go!

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TST TPMS with Flow Thru Sensors

Flow-thru sensors are highly convenient, allowing you to air up your tires without removing your sensors! These are perfect for anyone wanting to travel frequently, but be aware - they only work on metal valve stems!

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Tire Inflation Kits

Ensuring your RV's tires are consistently at the correct pressure is paramount not only for safety but also for maximizing performance and extending tire life.

These tire inflation systems let you adjust and maintain optimal tire pressures and keep you from getting caught out by a flat tire. Equip your RV with this essential system and ensure safer and more efficient travels.

VIAIR 300P-RVS Portable Compressor Kit

Everything you need to air up your trailer, towable, or smaller RVs and can inflate tires up to 150PSI.


VIAIR 400P-RVS Portable Compressor Kit

Specifically designed for Class C or smaller RVs, this compressor features a 40" 90-degree rotating chuck to make filling tires while standing easier.

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VIAIR 450P-RVS Portable Compressor Kit

Made for Class A and larger RVs, this heavy-duty compressor features a 40" 90- degree rotating chuck to make filling tires while standing easier.

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