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Connect Your Factory Roof Antenna to Peplink

Basecamp 2.0 transforms RV internet with its seamless integration to factory-installed Winegard 360+ V2.S & 360+5G RV antennas, boosting signal strength for faster and more reliable connectivity wherever you roam.

Level Up Existing RV Antennas

Utilize your existing Winegard 360+ V2.S or 360+5G RV antenna to boost signal strength effortlessly. Basecamp 2.0 seamlessly taps into the factory-installed cellular antennas on your RV's roof, eliminating the need for additional external antennas.

Enhance Connectivity

Enjoy faster and more reliable connections throughout your RV. Basecamp 2.0 significantly improves communication speeds between your router and local devices, ensuring smooth streaming, gaming, and browsing experiences.

Easy Installation

Experience hassle-free setup in minutes without climbing the roof. Basecamp 2.0 comes with everything you need for quick and convenient installation. With pre-installed components, integrated cable management, and optional adapters for different configurations.

Designed to help you optimize the performance of Peplink mobile routers in RVs, travel trailers, and fifth wheels.


Easy installation instructions

Done in minutes, and you don't need to climb the roof.

1. Locate built-in Winegard antenna connection point in the ceiling.

2. Remove location point cover to expose antenna wiring.

3. Attach Basecamp 2.0 housing and router to the roof with screws.

4. Enjoy a boosted internet connection powered by Basecamp 2.0


Find answers to all of your Basecamp 2.0 questions here.

Which Peplink mobile routers are compatible with Basecamp 2.0?

Basecamp 2.0 is compatible with the following Peplink mobile routers:

  • MAX BR1 Pro CAT 20 & 5G* (all models)
  • MAX Transit DUO** & MAX Transit PRO DUO**
  • MAX BR1 MINI (all models)
  • MAX BR1 MK2
  • * 4x4 capable cellular devices work best with Winegard 360+ 5G antenna. Winegard 360+ V.2S customers must utilize Peplink "2 antenna mode"
  • ** Transit Series Routers work best with Winegard 360+ 5G antenna.Winegard 360+ V2.S customers will utilize one cellular antenna for each modem for the roof antenna and attach factory paddle antennas to remaining cellular ports. Instructions and wiring diagrams included.  

Is my specific RV model equipped with the necessary antennas for Basecamp 2.0 to work?

To determine if your RV is compatible with Basecamp 2.0, look for the following indicators:

  • Check for a Winegard 360+ series roof antenna equipped with cellular connectivity antennas.
  • Search the ceiling inside the RV cabin below the antenna for a white plug with a WiFi logo secured with two screws. Removing the screws will expose the pre-run 12v power cable and cellular/WiFi antenna cables pre-installed on the RV. If your RV meets these criteria, it is likely equipped with the necessary antennas for Basecamp 2.0 to work. If you're unsure, you can contact our team for assistance and further information.

Do I need any specialized tools or skills to install Basecamp 2.0?

Basic tools such as a screwdriver may be required for installation, but no specialized tools or technical skills are typically needed. The installation process is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to RV owners of all experience levels. Instructions and wiring diagrams are included with purchase.

Do you have detailed instructions? 

Yes Basecamp has detailed instructions included which can be accessed by scanning the QR code in the box. This ensures you always get the latest version of the instructions. A link to our latest instructions is here.

How does Basecamp 2.0 improve signal strength compared to other solutions?

Basecamp 2.0 utilizes existing factory-installed cellular antennas on the RV roof, allowing for optimized signal reception without the need for additional external antennas. By tapping into these antennas, Basecamp 2.0 can provide stronger and more reliable connectivity compared to standalone solutions or solutions with antennas inside your vehicle. While a strong signal to cellular towers is not the only factor to improving speed, customers typically report they can go further, faster with Basecamp 2.0

Can I add additional antennas or accessories to Basecamp 2.0?

Yes, Basecamp 2.0 is designed to be customizable and expandable to meet your specific needs. You can add additional antennas or accessories to further enhance your connectivity setup. Whether you require extra antennas for improved signal reception in remote areas or accessories for integration with other RV electronics or smart home systems, Basecamp 2.0 offers flexibility for customization. If you have specific requirements or questions about adding accessories, feel free to reach out to our team for personalized assistance and recommendations.

What kind of Internet speeds can I expect with Basecamp 2.0 compared to standard antenna/router setups?

Basecamp 2.0 is engineered to optimize signal strength and enhance connectivity, which can lead to improved data transfer speeds compared to standard setups. However, actual speeds may vary depending on several factors, including your location, network coverage, network congestion, and the capabilities of your Peplink mobile router.

In general, users can expect Basecamp 2.0 to deliver reliable and consistent speeds suitable for streaming, gaming, browsing, and other online activities. By leveraging factory-installed cellular antennas and integrating Wi-Fi antennas within the RV, Basecamp 2.0 minimizes signal interference and maximizes performance.

For specific speed expectations, we recommend consulting with your network provider and reviewing the specifications of your Peplink mobile router. Additionally, conducting speed tests in various locations can provide insights into the performance enhancements achieved with Basecamp 2.0 compared to standard setups.

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