Basecamp Router Enclosure for Winegard 360+

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Optional 5G Adapters for 4x4 MIMO (Recommended for Winegard 360+ 5G)

Optional adapter to enable roof WiFi antenna (optimize WIFI-as-WAN)

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Meet Basecamp 2.0 the worlds first enclosure designed to allow Peplink mobile routers to utilize factory installed cellular antennas founds on many RV's, travel trailers and fifth wheels. Basecamp comes with everything you need to allow your Peplink mobile router to take advantage of the factory installed cellular antennas on your RV's roof. Don't settle for inferior "gateway" devices with legacy 4G or 5G technology. Step up to a business class mobile router in minutes while using your factory wiring and roof antenna. 

Supported Devices

Currently Basecamp 2.0 supports the following Peplink mobile routers. If you have a different model, contact our team for more information. 

  • MAX BR1 Pro CAT 20 & 5G (all models)
  • MAX Transit DUO* & MAX Transit PRO DUO*
  • MAX BR1 MINI (all models)
  • MAX BR1 MK2

*Requires Winegard 360+ 5G or alternative 4x4 MIMO roof antenna for both cellular modems to function. With standard Winegard 360+ V2.S variants only one cellular modem will function. 


Basecamp 2.0 is designed to work with RV's with Winegard 360+ series roof antennas equipped with cellular connectivity antennas. Current models include the Winegard 360+ V2.S & Winegard 360+ 5G. The most common method for determining if your RV is equipped with the proper antenna is to search the ceiling inside the RV cabin below the antenna and look for a white plug with a WIFI logo secured with 2 screws. Removing the screws will expose the pre-run 12v power cable and cellular/wifi antenna cables pre-installed on the RV. 

What's Included

  • Basecamp 2.0 enclosure with integrated cable management & lid
  • Pre-installed power harness (adapts factory installed power to 4-pin Peplink power inlet)
  • Whisper quiet 40mm cooling fan, dust inlet filter
  • 2x SMA to MCA cellular antenna adapters
  • RP-SMA 90 degree adapters for Wi-Fi Antennas
  • 4x 1" stainless self tapping mounting screws
  • 4x .25" stainless router mounting screws
  • 2x zip ties for cable management

Optional WiFi Adapter

Basecamp, unlike factory options places both WiFi antennas inside the RV allowing for 2x2 WIFI communication from the router to your local devices. This increases communication speeds exponentially between the router and WiFi devices inside the RV. For customers who wish to utilize the roof antenna's WiFI transmitter instead, an optional adapter is available above at checkout. When the optional adapter is utilized WiFi will be transmitted from the router and the roof antenna's embedded WiFi antenna. This configuration can improve signal to public campground WiFi when utilizing WiFi-as-WAN however it may also decrease the maximum speed of WiFi as one antenna will now transmit from the roof, further away from devices inside the RV. 

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