weBoost Destination RV Signal Booster Kit
weBoost Destination RV Signal Booster Kit
weBoost Destination RV Signal Booster Kit
weBoost Destination RV Signal Booster Kit
weBoost Destination RV Signal Booster Kit
weBoost Destination RV Signal Booster Kit
weBoost Destination RV Signal Booster Kit

weBoost Destination RV Signal Booster Kit

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TIP: Please read the sections below titled "Do I Need a Cell Booster" and "Boosters v.s MIMO Antennas" for more information on cellular boosters to better understand if they are right for your application. 

The weBoost Destination RV Signal Booster Kit is weBoost's most powerful mobile directional cellular booster boasting an incredible 65db of max cellular boost capability. This solution features the Destination RV 5-band, 65 dB amplifier as well as a yagi outside antenna, 25 ft telescoping pole to elevate the outside antenna, and a panel inside antenna to maximize the coverage of boosted signal in the RV.

The Destination RV Kit boosts the 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and 5G networks and boosts all cellular bands allowed by the FCC. Cellular boosters act like cellular repeaters re-broadcasting the towers cellular signal inside your RV or marine application. Boosters are a top pick for customers with phones or small LTE hotspots that do not support external cellular antennas or for customers who regularly visit extreme fringe cellular coverage areas where boosters can pickup distant signals other antennas cannot. 

The inside coverage area that you receive from the weBoost Destination RV Signal Booster Kit (or any cell booster) will depend on the existing outside signal strength in the location where you place the outside yagi antenna. In areas where you get a moderate existing outside signal, the Destination RV kit will provide boosted signal fairly far away from the interior antenna. As the outside signal gets weaker, the coverage area will shrink, so only the portion of the RV surrounding the inside antenna will receive boosted signal. For best results your phone or hotspot should be left within 2-12 inches from the weBoost antenna which will maximize the signal received. Then connect to your phone or hotspot via a bluetooth headset or wifi allowing the hotspot to remain near the booster for maximum signal reception. 

Contained in this kit below:

  • weBoost Destination RV Amplifier
  • weBoost AC Power Supply
  • weBoost DC Hardwire Power Supply
  • weBoost Yagi Outside Antenna
  • 25 ft Telescoping Pole
  • weBoost Panel Inside Antenna
  • 30 ft of RG6 Cable
  • 2 x 15 ft of RG6 Cable
  • 8 inch Flat Cable for Window Penetration
  • Barrel 
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Omni-Directional Antenna

This antenna is an omni-directional antenna. Omni-directional antennas are designed to pick up signals in a 360-degree pattern around the antenna and do not require that they be aimed or pointed at the cellular or WIFI broadcasting tower.  Omni-directional antennas offer a blend of performance and ease of use over directional antennas that may have higher performance and gain specifications.  Omni-directional antennas also perform well if a customer is utilizing multiple cellular or WIFI connections that may be broadcasting in different directions, for example if a customer has data plans from multiple cellular providers and cell towers are in different directions. Omni-directional antennas are the preferred style of antenna for mobile travelers and those who change their location and method of connecting to the internet frequently as they offer solid performance without the need to point the antenna. 

Directional antennas may be better suited than omni-directional antennas for customers with fixed locations such as rural home or business customers.

Do I Need a Cellular Booster?

Cellular Boosters are a powerful addition to any mobile connectivity setup but they have their pro's and con's and are not for everyone. They originally were designed to improve cellular signal when phone calls were the primary use for cellular technology.  In general cellular boosters perform best in very low cellular signal areas where you otherwise would not be able to connect. If you are a boondocker, enjoy remote camping, or would prefer to "always be connected" over "fastest download speeds", then a booster can be a great addition to your connectivity arsenal. Boosters support very fast download speeds, usually around 20-30mbps (plenty for streaming, working and doing just about anything on the road) however cellular boosters are limited by the FCC on what cellular bands (channels) they can use. As such many newer technologies that improve speeds in strong signal areas are not supported by boosters. 

If the fastest download speeds are a priority for you then generally a roof antenna like those included in our Internet Bundles is a better fit for more customers. Many customers who want to boost voice call quality in their RV or who want to get signal in very hard to reach places opt to add a booster to their setup in addition to a roof antenna. Keep in mind your mobile router cannot use the booster and roof antennas at the same time so disconnecting/connecting antenna cables will be required to switch between the two solutions.   Checkout the video from our friends at the RV Mobile Internet Resource Center that goes into more detail on Roof Antennas vs Cellular Boosters.

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