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  • Description

Experience unmatched connectivity on the move with Roamlink Duo, the advanced plug-and-play internet solution designed for travelers and remote professionals who demand the highest level of reliability. Whether you’re in your RV, near-shore boat, semi, car, or any other vehicle, Roamlink Duo ensures you stay connected, no matter where your journey takes you.

Key Features:

  • Plug and Play Internet: Simple setup without any technical expertise required.
  • Works on All Carriers: Compatible with AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile towers for seamless connectivity.
  • Carrier Certified Hardware: Ensures optimal performance and reliability.
  • Two Cellular Connections: Connect to two different carriers simultaneously for extra redundancy and more bandwidth.
  • No Contract: Enjoy the flexibility of no long-term commitments.
  • Support Included: Comprehensive support for troubleshooting and assistance.
  • Own the Hardware: After 1 year, the hardware is yours to keep.
  • Optional High-Gain Antennas: Enhance your signal strength with additional antennas.
  • Winegard Compatible: Easily integrates with Winegard systems.
  • Military Grade: Built to withstand tough conditions.
  • No Credit Check: Easy access without the need for a credit check.

Use Case:

Roamlink Duo is perfect for use in RVs, near-shore boats, semis, cars, and other vehicles. It operates on 12V or a standard 120V outlet, making it versatile and easy to use. Simply plug it in, connect to the Roamlink WiFi, and enjoy a reliable internet connection. Roamlink Duo is designed for professionals who need the most reliable internet in a mobile setting. With two active cellular connections, it offers unparalleled reliability and bandwidth.

Two Ways to Connect:

  • Standard WiFi: Connect to a single data plan for direct carrier access, lower latency, and fast speeds. Ideal for streaming, browsing, smart home integrations, and general use.
  • SpeedFusion WiFi: Connect to Peplink’s SpeedFusion (included) for bonded internet connections, creating an unbreakable connection. SpeedFusion bonds multiple internet connections into a single, robust connection, ensuring stable and fast internet even if one connection drops. This reduces latency, increases bandwidth, and eliminates dropped calls and unstable connections. Ideal for professionals who need a reliable and fast internet connection on the go.
  • Starlink Compatibility: Works seamlessly with Starlink. Plug Starlink in and include it in your bonded connection for a centralized internet solution.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Carrier Certified: Ensures optimal performance on AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile networks.
  • Full-Time Mobile Use: Designed specifically for those who are always on the move.
  • Starlink Integration: Works with Starlink for a centralized internet solution.
  • Included Support: Access to expert support whenever you need it.

Target Audience:

Roamlink Duo is ideal for anyone needing a reliable internet connection without access to cabled solutions. It’s perfect for RV travelers, boaters, truck drivers, and remote workers who require consistent connectivity on the go. Those working from their RV or boat will appreciate the stable and robust connection provided by Roamlink Duo.


  • Active Warranty: As long as the subscription is active, the unit is under warranty.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: 7-day no questions asked return policy.


  1. Plug in the antennas.
  2. Connect to power.
  3. Connect to the WiFi.
  4. Optional: Add a window or ceiling mount antenna for better signal strength.

Roamlink Duo brings the power of reliable, dual-carrier internet to your fingertips, wherever your adventures take you. Stay connected and enjoy the freedom of the open road with confidence.

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