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Due to limited supply this plan is only available to our Insider Members. Consider joining our Membership for immediate access to this plan. The plan will be available for purchase after you purchase a membership and will display automatically after your membership is processed, typically within 1 hour. Click the Membership Tab above for membership options.


** DUE TO FRAUD ISSUES WE ARE NO LONGER ACTIVATING ANY DEVICES NOT PURCHASED FROM MOBILEMUSTHAVE.COM. YOUR IMEI WILL BE CHECKED SO PLEASE DO NOT ORDER IF YOU HAVE A DEVICE PURCHASED ELSEWHERE** is proud to announce that we now have the ability to offer cellular data plans directly to our customers! We have negotiated the ability to provide high gigabyte cellular data plans that operate on the nation's largest cellular networks. 

If you are looking to work on the road or use a cellular data connection as your primary internet source then you want a serious data plan that won't get in your way with low data caps or throttling. Unfortunately, the four major U.S. cellular carriers no longer offer high gigabyte data plans directly but you can get 1000GB of nationwide data compatible with your MobileMustHave purchased router.

We have negotiated special discounts for our customers who utilize our hardware and agree to our mobile data Terms of Service. When you purchase the data plan above you will be sent a SIM card complete with 30 days of pre-paid data. Future date activation requests are not available with this plan. Your pre-paid data begins the day the sim card arrives, plan accordingly. 

Plan Details

This plan is a hotspot plan designed for data-only devices with 1000GB of monthly data. The coverage map for this plan is located here. This plan, like all true hotspot plans, is subject to deprioritization to phone traffic in congested areas.  This is not a phone or tablet plan common with low-cost resellers. This plan is 4G/5G compatible and has been tested in CAT-6,12, 18, 20, 5G Peplink devices. This plan does not throttle streaming traffic at 5Mbps like many other plans available. This plan is provided by a 3rd party wholesaler contracted by MobileMustHave and administered by our customer service team directly. We provide the activated sim card, instructions, and technical support and also manage the monthly billing of this plan. This plan has no contract, additional details are below. 

Key Features

  • No Contracts - Cancel anytime, pre-pay month to month
  • Automatic Bill Pay -Receive 30 days with your purchase today and a link to sign up for future months should you choose to continue service.
  • No Speed Caps, subject to network congestion and prioritization as with all hotspot plans
  • 1000GB usage per month

1000GB of High-Speed Data? What's the Catch?

Usage must be kept under 1000GB per month to avoid line suspension and to protect the health of the account for all customers. Your line will not operate above 1000GB and purchase an additional sim for usage above 1000GB. That is enough to work full time and stream with multiple family members all using the service. We always recommend customers travel with more than one carrier, but this is an excellent option for your primary data plan if you are a serious traveler.

What Happens if I Go Over?

The account is monitored for abuse and for activity not consistent with the rules outlined in our Terms of Service. Accounts found using over 1000GB will be automatically suspended. Your plan will resume at the next billing cycle. If you habitually exceed 1000gb you might be disconnected permanently so make sure to set your bandwidth alerts as outlined in our Bandwidth Management How-To Article.

Other Plans Claim they are Unlimited or Cheaper, Why?

The plans offered here are not the same as lower-cost plans offered by others that claim to be true unlimited plans. Many of those plans are unlimited, but they are designed to function in tablets or phones or are activated using loopholes with the carriers. Others are unlimited but abused constantly with excessive usage when sold as "unlimited". This leaves them open to get shut down when the carriers realize they are not being used in the way they were intended. This is why other plans often are disconnected without notice. Our referral plans cost more, but they are more stable and are far less likely to have issues as long as customers follow our Terms of Service


Will this Plan get Shutdown? partners with reputable wholesalers who manage thousands of lines nationally and operate licensed businesses with fully staffed support teams. Plans are vetted for compatibility and tested by our internal testing team for 3-6 months before being offered to customers. As with all resale plans, there is a chance that the carrier may choose to change the device compatibility list or suspend service on a particular account or line, anyone who says differently is just not telling the truth. By partnering with reputable wholesalers who purchase data-only plans designed for use with our devices, the chance of shutdown is minimized, and MobileMustHave support teams are always here to relocate customers to an alternative plan if a problem arises. 

Can I Temporarily Suspend Service?

There are no contracts or commitments with the MMH data plans from MobileMustHave. You can discontinue service at any time by simply letting us know. Pro-rated refunds for pre-paid months of service will not be issued, so make sure to cancel around the end of your monthly billing cycle to maximize the use of the plan. To re-instate service simply purchase the plan again and receive a new sim card. 

If you resume service after disconnecting the monthly fee will adjust to the current recurring monthly rate listed on this page. When resuming service you must pay the initial connection fee listed here at checkout. This allows us to cover the cost of the sim and shipping and also the labor associated with connecting/disconnected lines.

How Do I Pay The Monthly Bill?

When your sim card ships you will receive an activation ticket with payment information to set up your next month of service. Payments are processed monthly through our billing portal. This can be managed by logging into the store, going to your profile, clicking manage subscriptions and making changes there.  You can cancele your service or update your card on file.

What If I forget to Pay My Bill or My Card Is Declined?

If your card is declined you will receive an email alert that there is a payment issue allowing you to remedy it. If you do not remedy the issue within 48 hours your line will be disconnected and re-assigned to another customer. If your line is disconnected due to non-payment, you must purchase the plan again and wait for the new sim card to arrive. This is because the previous sim will no longer work once the line is re-assigned. Avoid issues by ensuring your auto payment remains in good standing.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Don't like the data plan or want to return for any reason? Couldn't get it to work or no service in your area? No problem, we offer 7-day, no-questions-asked returns from your date of activation. Simply request a refund and we will process it as quickly as possible.

Member Only Item

The item or subscription listed on this plan is available for purchase by MobileMustHave Insider Members only. Items available only to members typically have limited availability and are reserved for our members. Consider joining our MMH Insider program for exclusive access as well as discounts on products and subscriptions storewide. Click here to learn more about membership programs and options.

Member Discounts

MobileMustHave Insider Members receive monthly discounts on this subscription item. MMH Explore Members receive $10.00 per month off the monthly rate listed above as well as 10% off the initial purchase price. MMH Core Members receive $5.00 per month as well as 5% off the initial purchase price. Monthly discounts stack on top of multi-plan discounts for additional monthly savings.

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