Cable Entry System for 11-in-1 Antennas Bundle


Part Number: ICO-11-BUNDLE


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Short Description:  Cable entry designed for 11-in-1 antennas. Compatible with Parsec and Peplink 11-in-1 Antennas.

Cable Entry Frame

Grommets #1 & #2 - Cellular Cables (compatible with Parsec and Peplink Antennas)

Grommet #3 - WiFi Cables (compatible with Parsec and Peplink Antennas)

Grommet #4 - GPS Cable (compatible with Parsec and Peplink Antennas)

Have Starlink? Add the 7mm grommet for Starlink Roam, or 8mm for Starlink Fixed Mount!

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If you're looking for the next generation of water-tight exterior cable mounting solutions battle-tested for the RV and marine markets, then look no further. Icotek, a leading German manufacturer of cable management solutions, has partnered with to provide a variety of cable management and exterior cable entry solutions ideal for the digital nomad. 

This bundle is specially designed for our 11-in-1 antennas.  Each grommet has been selected to perfectly fit the Peplink 82g and Parsec Great Pyrenees antenna.  There are multiple housing options based on what is best for your installation.  For more information on different housing options and the pros and cons of each, please visit this page for more info. 

Have a Starlink? Weboost?  We've got you covered.
There are additional grommet options that can be added to your cart for any cable you want to include. We have the most popular options above, and customer options available here


  • Variety of cable housing choices depending on your installation requirements 
  • 4x KT series grommet slots in housing
  • 2x 4x5mm grommets Included (for 4x4 cellular antenna applications, compatible with Parsec, Peplink Mobility, MobileMark, & Poynting antennas)
  • 1x 2-3mm grommet included (for WiFi antenna applications, compatible with Parsec, Peplink Mobility, MobileMark & Poynting antennas)
  • 1x 1x2mm grommet included (for GPS antenna applications, compatible with Parsec, Peplink Mobility, MobileMark & Poynting antennas)
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