Pepwave SIM Injector 8x SIM Injector

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Part Number: SIM-BK8-4E-56V


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Description:  8x Sim Injector for Remote Sim Provisioning for Pepwave HD1/HD2 Dome

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Note this item must be purchase with an HD1/HD2 Dome for discounted pricing. Orders without HD Dome will be refunded.

Use the SIM Injector to add another 8 SIM cards to your deployment, giving you the ability to connect to multiple carriers and ensuring that your connection remains unbreakable. The SIM Injector is capable of PoE output, so you don’t need to add another PoE switch to your deployment.

In addition to adding SIM capacity, the SIM Injector also adds 100 meters of flexibility between the Router and the SIM cards, enabling you to place the cellular router anywhere you want without worrying about changing SIM cards.

This is designed to be used with the Pepwave HD1/HD2 Dome. This way all sim cards are power are managed at the SIM injector and only an ethernet cable needs to be run to the HD1/HD2 Dome directly.  The advantage the Dome and Sim Injector have over other Pepwave and antenna set up is that the antennas and the modem are together in the Dome.  This means there are no long antenna cables with loss.  This can greatly simplify your install.   Where you needed 4 thick cables to run the antenna signal down, now you just can manage with one ethernet cable and almost no delay or loss of signal.  This cable can be run to up to 100 feet and still provide power and virtual sim cards to the HD1 Dome


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