Pepwave MAX BR1 MINI LTEA Mobile Router

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Description:  Mobile Router with LTE-A CAT-6 Modem, 2.4Ghz WiFi, GE Lan Port(s)

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The Pepwave BR1 Mini LTE-Advanced is a complete mobile internet solution for travelers who are looking to use Cellular data as their primary mode of staying connected. The LTE-A variant now has a CAT 6 modem for additional cellular band support over the CAT-4 version with support for LTE-A carrier aggregation. The BR1 Mini accepts sim cards directly into its build-in cellular modem (one modem, 2 slots) that is compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint & Verizon as well as other carriers including those outside of the U.S. The mini has two sim slots allowing you to load this router with multiple sim cards from multiple carriers allowing you to select which sim/carrier is in use by the modem. The signal from your cellular connection is then re-broadcasted wirelessly inside your coach or travel trailer using the unit's high-powered 802.11b/g/n antenna. You get powerful 2G (long-range) wireless connectivity while also getting wired ethernet ports for your most demanding devices like VOIP phones or desktop computers/workstations. 

You can also utilize the mini's Wifi-As-Wan functionality (license required) to connect to campground wifi in addition to utilizing the cellular modem. 

The unit's highly customizable web interface supports a variety of advanced routing features and will satisfy the needs of advanced users while being extremely easy to use for non-tech users as well. The unit accepts 12v inputs (bare wire screw-down terminals) or you can use the included AC adapter for 110v installation. 

The optional failover/WAN license (see above) enables the WAN port (to support wired cable/DSL connections), the WiFi as WAN feature (to pick up external WiFi networks), and failover. If you do NOT need those features, you do not need the additional license (if you decide you want them in the future, the license can be purchased any time to unlock those features). If you only plan to use the cellular connection, you do not need the optional license.

Single Modem Device

The mobile router listed on this page is equipped with a single cellular modem. This device may have multiple sim card slots but can connect to one cellular provider at a time. Single modem devices may include a USB port or expansion slot to add additional modems. Switching between sim card slots can be done via the management console, typically in 30-60 seconds allowing time for the modem to reboot utilizing the auxiliary sim slot(s). Higher-end single modem devices often have faster maximum download/upload speeds then other devices however they lack the redundancy found in a multi-modem device. Our multi-modem collection of devices can be found here

Internet traffic can be routed in a variety of ways using Peplink's proprietary Outbound Policy Management Algorithms.  Single modem devices may be capable of utilizing SpeedFusion technology also known as "WAN bonding" which may require separate licensing. Single modem devices can bond the single cellular connection with the devices WAN port or WIFI-as-WAN sources if the device supports these functions.  See SpeedFusion section on this page for additional information.

Category 6 Modem 

The mobile router is equipped with a category 6 LTE Advanced cellular modem with a maximum download speed of 300Mbps and a maximum upload speed of 50Mbps (typical speeds range from 3-50mbps depending on cellular network conditions and coverage). The category of the modem impacts the maximum upload and download speed of the device and what cellular bands or "channels" the device can connect to. Cellular bands act similarly to "channels" on television, each cellular provider broadcasts on specific bands. Category 6 modems support connecting to the primary bands of all major carriers such as Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint & AT&T however may lack certain secondary bands that can provide increased speed on certain carriers. For a complete list of bands supported, click the documentation tab for detailed specifications.

Category 6 modems support video streaming, video calling, and general internet use and are a good blend of value and functionality making them a great choice for customers that want to stay connected but do not consider the internet "mission-critical". 

Roof Antenna Support

This mobile router comes with indoor antennas that provide 3db of cellular gain. Upgrading to an optional roof antenna can provide significant signal improvement by moving the cellular antenna outside, at higher elevation and provide you the benefit of an antenna with higher gain specifications. Roof antennas can be added now with a bundle discount by checking out our Internet Bundle Section, or at a later date based on your needs.

WiFi as WAN

This device supports Wifi-As-Wan meaning you can pick up public WiFi signals from hotspots, campgrounds, and other sources to rebroadcast them into your coach and use them as your local internet. The wireless antennas included with this modem will pick up these signals and rebroadcast them locally within your own WiFi network. 

*Using public WiFi may be unreliable due to external environmental forces typically outside of customer's control and as such public WiFi is recommended to be used as a secondary backup connection. 

MobileMustHave Data Plans

MobileMustHave is proud to announce we now have high-speed, high GB data plans available exclusively to our customers. Traditional cellular plans available directly from the carriers have data caps that are not suitable for active travelers. We have negotiated the ability to provide high gigabyte cellular data plans that operate on the top national networks. Take the guesswork out of activating other plans that don't work or are not authorized to work on our cellular routers with data plans from MobileMustHave. Our plans are ready to activate when your ready to travel and have no contracts so keep as long as you need and cancel anytime. 


Peplink SmartCare optional extended warranty packages provide customers with Incontrol2 cloud management licensing, software updates, firmware updates, and extended factory warranty support with Advanced Replacement support for devices deemed defective by Peplink's warranty support department. SmartCare is a cost effective and convenient way to extend the warranty coverage of your Peplink device for customers who need Advanced Replacement services, and for customer's who have a Peplink device that is out of warranty and require warranty re-instatementWarranty and license purchases are non-refundable due to manufacturer policies.

  • Technical Support via Support Ticket via Peplink
  • Firmware Upgrades
  • InControl2 Cloud Management
  • Hardware Warranty with Advanced Replacement (a fully-refundable deposit may be required to cross-ship replacement device)


Peplink EssentialCare optional extended warranty packages provide customers with Incontrol2 cloud management licensing, software updates, firmware updates, and extended factory warranty support for devices deemed defective by Peplink's warranty support department. EssentialCare is a cost effective and convenient way to extend the warranty coverage of your Peplink device for customers who do not need advanced replacement support. Note that EssentialCare cannot be purchased for devices outside of existing warranty. Warranty and license purchases are non-refundable due to manufacturer policies.

  • 1-Year EssentialCare included with new Peplink device purchase
  • Technical Support via Support Ticket via Peplink
  • Firmware Upgrades
  • InControl2 Cloud Management
  • Hardware Warranty (requires device to be returned to Peplink prior to replacement being sent out)

Full Specifications

Looking for the full specifications on this product? Not to worry, they are located above under the "Documentation" Tab just above by the product description. 

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Awesome LTE modem!

I live in a semi-rural section of the mountains of Southwest New Mexico where internet service is spotty at best. The PepWave allows me to connect to the web with up to 50 mbps up and 60 mbps down with a Verizon data plan. Dave and the crew at MobileMustHave were super helpful in setting me up!

Charles L.


This router is made for tough environments. I have it installed in a non-temp-controlled building and it performs flawlessly. It was recommended by Erik at MobileMustHave after discussion on what I was trying to achieve. Paired with my first of 2 unlimited LTE plans from MobileMustHave. Great service, Great router!



I purchased the Pepwave Max BR1 Mini in early July for our planned trip and paid for the over night shipping fee. Unfortunately, the product was not shipped as per request, but Mobile Must Have stepped up to correct this issue the following Monday and sent to our campground location (unfortunately, there were further delays due to a fire shutting down the hwy. and it took about a week to receive this device). so, we started out being disappointed we could not sure the device as planned. Most of this was due to us waiting too long to order, so I will take the blame there. Mobile Must Have stepped up and helped resolve the best they could, so I appreciated that and will order from them in the future (and that's saying a lot). For me, service mattersThe device itself delivers as promised and is working well for our needs. we have only installed one sim card so far, but will be adding the 2nd one soon. Overall we are satisfied with purchase. Rated 4 stars due to shipping challenges

Shana L.

Customer Support Manager, Remote

I am a huge believer in enterprise equipment and I've spent a lot of money upgrading my prior residences to Unifi equipment. I did not take the right approach with my travel trailer, and after receiving a great email from Andy that my setup of a Verizon Hot Spot would greatly benefit from a PepWave instead, I went all in. I was more skeptical in pairing this with a Poynting Omni Roof antenna coming from a Mimo Directional Panel, which I painfully had to setup and aim at every stop . I was prepared to love the pepwave and go right back to my directional antenna, I was dead wrong. The combination, despite me being in a currently LTE challened mountain region, is stellar. The Pepwave is cloud managed, powerful and extremely robust. Buy this, its worth the money 100x over if you work remote and need to have the most expansive toolkit for making your connection reliable and as fast as possible.

Dylan H.

Working on the road

I bought the Pepwave Mini for my Class A recently together with the AT&T unlimited plan and it is working great. I added a Verizon SIM as well and I have great connection everywhere. I loved the video tutorials available. It made the set-up easy and quick.

Britta S.