Pepwave Balance Pro 30 Router with CAT-6 Cellular Modem, USB Support, Dual Band WIFI

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Description:  Branch Office / Rural Home Router with 2x Wired WAN, CAT-6 Cellular Modem, USB Support, Integrated WIFI

Optional High GB Cellular Data Plans (Plus $50 Activation Fee)

Additional Warranty & Licenses

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The Peplink Balance 30 Pro is a branch office or rural home mobile router with a number of features making it excellent for those use cases. The Balance 30 Pro has 2x Wired WAN Ports for multiple wired internet connections such as starlink, DSL or Cable while also having an integrated CAT-6 LTE-A Cellular Modem. The Peplink Balance 30 Pro has a USB port for tethering support of an additional cellular modem such as the Pepwave Max Adapter USB cellular modem. 

The Balance 30 Pro has PoE support with the optional 56V PoE Power adapter which will enable the PoE ports. Optional Speedfusion licensing is available to enable wan bonding for unbreakable connectivity. 

Device Pre-Configuration & Training Options

  • Do-It-Yourself Setup – Once your order ships, detailed instructions will be emailed to your inbox complete with detailed installation guides for both mobile routers and roof antenna installations. Use our self-help installation guide to get from box to surfing the web in no time. What’s best is the cost. Free!!!

  • Instructor Led Setup & Training Class – Get personalized setup and training for your new mobile internet solution. Our team will help you get the unit online and will remotely configure common settings so that you can begin using the internet without having to break out the instructions manuals and learn tech talk.  We will update the device to the latest secure firmware, setup your WIFI and passwords and give your wifi a unique name of your choice. We will then verify the unit is functioning properly and setup remote access to your new mobile router through Peplink's secure Cloud Management Portal. You will then have access to live instructor led classes to review all of the basics on how to use your new mobile internet solution. All classes include a question-and-answer session to ensure all of your questions are answered and you can always return after a few weeks and attend a second class if you have more questions


InControl2 is Peplink's cloud-based endpoint management system. When connected to your devices, it aggregates data to generate useful reports on all aspects of your network. On a single screen, you can push configurations to any and all of your endpoints. If you need to dig deeper, you can remotely access the web admin of any device on your network.

For most MobileMustHave customers this features is not required, but it does allow your device to be accessible to you via the cloud.  This can be an advantage if you would like to remotely control your device, track your vehicles location (if GPS is enabled), and allow support access to remote in (when permission is granted).

InControl2 is included with all router purchases for 1-Year and is included with EssentialCare, SmartCare and PrimeCare Warranty Renewal Options. 


Peplink EssentialCare optional extended warranty packages provide customers with Incontrol2 cloud management licensing, software updates, firmware updates, and extended factory warranty support for devices deemed defective by Peplink's warranty support department. EssentialCare is a cost effective and convenient way to extend the warranty coverage of your Peplink device for customers who do not need advanced replacement support. Note that EssentialCare cannot be purchased for devices outside of existing warranty. For warranty reinstatement options select SmartCare option. 

  • 1-Year EssentialCare included with new Peplink device purchase
  • Technical Support via Support Ticket via Peplink
  • Firmware Upgrades
  • InControl2 Cloud Management
  • Hardware Warranty (requires device to be returned to Peplink prior to replacement being sent out, for Advanced Replacement support, select SmartCare option)

Full Specifications

Looking for the full specifications on this product? Not to worry, they are located above under the "Documentation" Tab just above by the product description. 


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My Backbone Router for Rural Home Internet

I bought this router based on a recommendation by Erik at MobileMusthave. It was the first of several I have bought to build out my home network across several buildings in a rural area. It has performed really well and serves as the central point of my home network. It has it's own LTE modem with dual SIM capability and it also has 2 WAN ports to input other internet connections. Great router and great advice from MobileMustHave!


Great rural home internet solution

We have been looking for a faster home internet solution for over 15 years. We were using a major brand satellite service and were very dissatisfied with the speed and data limits. It has been a terrible experience but we felt we had very little options.Then along came MobileMustHave and we are now connected with this Balance Pro 30 Router and external antenna. WOW! What a difference. We have never been able to stream videos on our smart TV and our internet always felt like we were on dial-up. We feel like we have hit the jackpot!Thanks MobileMustHave and the Pepwave Balance Pro 30.

David A.


Great product, best I have come across for my home in the country. More importantly was the exceptional service received from Eric and his team.

Charles H.