Pepwave Balance 20x - Expandable to Dual Modem LTE Router

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Description:  Pepwave Balance 20x 900mbps Dual Modem Capable Router

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The Peplink Pepwave Balance 20x offers advanced features and rock-solid reliability at the heart of your mobile or rural home internet/connectivity solution.  This modem is capable of supporting up to 3 cellular WAN connections  with optional accessories making it a true powerhouse at an attractive pricepoint that includes Speedfusion licensing with the bundled Primecare Licensing. The Balance 20x has a cat4 modem built in and an expansion slot module that can be used to insert a second modem. The USB Port can support a 3rd cellular modem. 

Expansion modules known as FlexModules are available in LTE cat-6, cat-12, or cat-18 variants currently with a 5G version on the horizon. USB Max Adapters are available available in Cat 6, 12 or 5G variants which can function in addition to the flex module offering a 3 modem solution at an exceptional price point. 

In addition to 802.11ac/a/n and 802.11b/g/n 2x2 MIMO WiFi (2ghz and 5ghz WiFi Supported), this router has 4 wired ethernet ports for wiring up non wifi devices as well as a WAN port for wiring up an additional WAN source such as Starlink, DSL or a cable modem. 

The Balance 20x supports Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile & Sprint as well as many other carriers. Thanks to automatic failover switching and multiple SIM slots with multi-carrier support, you will always be connected using a single, easy to use device without needing a hotspot or tethering of any kind.

The units highly customizable web interface supports a variety of advanced routing features and will satisfy the needs of power users while being extremely easy to use for the nontechnical as well. The unit accepts 12v inputs ranging from 10-30 volts or you can use the included AC adapter for 120v installation. 

Dual Modem Device

The mobile router listed on this page is equipped with two embedded cellular modems. This will allow you to utilize two cellular connections at the same time, providing advanced traffic routing and load balancing capabilities as well as near-instant failover from one provider to another.  Internet traffic can be routed in a variety of ways using Peplink's proprietary Outbound Policy Management Algorithms.  Dual modem devices may be capable of utilizing SpeedFusion technology also known as "WAN bonding" which may require separate licensing. See SpeedFusion section below.

Single Modem Device

The mobile router listed on this page is equipped with a single cellular modem. This device may have multiple sim card slots but can connect to one cellular provider at a time. Single modem devices may include a USB port or expansion slot to add additional modems. Switching between sim card slots can be done via the management console, typically in 30-60 seconds allowing time for the modem to reboot utilizing the auxiliary sim slot(s). Higher-end single modem devices often have faster maximum download/upload speeds then other devices however they lack the redundancy found in a multi-modem device. Our multi-modem collection of devices can be found here

Internet traffic can be routed in a variety of ways using Peplink's proprietary Outbound Policy Management Algorithms.  Single modem devices may be capable of utilizing SpeedFusion technology also known as "WAN bonding" which may require separate licensing. Single modem devices can bond the single cellular connection with the devices WAN port or WIFI-as-WAN sources if the device supports these functions.  See SpeedFusion section on this page for additional information.

SpeedFusion Licensed

The device listed on this page is licensed for SpeedFusion access. SpeedFusion is Peplink's proprietary WAN bonding solution that can bond multiple internet connections together into a single, more resilient connection for added connection reliability. SpeedFusion capable devices create a VPN tunnel which allows multiple internet connections to act as a single connection. SpeedFusion supports WAN-Smoothing, a technology which helps to prevent packet-loss which is typically the cause for unstable internet connections. In order to utilize SpeedFusion you must either host your own SpeedFusion instance at a secondary location/datacenter, or utilize Peplink's SpeedFusion Cloud service which is available for an additional monthly subscription fee. This device includes 1TB of SpeedFusion cloud transfer at up to 100Mbps per second. For more information on SpeedFusion and SpeedFusion cloud please contact us below.


Roof Antenna Support

This mobile router comes with indoor antennas that provide 3db of cellular gain. Upgrading to an optional roof antenna can provide significant signal improvement by moving the cellular antenna outside, at higher elevation and provide you the benefit of an antenna with higher gain specifications. Roof antennas can be added now with a bundle discount by checking out our Internet Bundle Section, or at a later date based on your needs.


This is a PrimeCare device. PrimeCare includes a factory replacement warranty, centralized cloud management, and SpeedFusion and SpeedFusion Hub licenses for WAN Bonding functionality. PrimeCare devices include 1 Year of PrimeCare with your purchase. Licensing PrimeCare beyond year one can be purchased now (options above). Basic functionality will remain if PrimeCare expires. Factory Warranty, InControl Cloud Management and SpeedFusion will stop functioning until the PrimeCare license is renewed. Warranty and license purchases are non-refundable due to manufacturer policies. 

Full Specifications

Looking for the full specifications on this product? Not to worry, they are located above under the "Documentation" Tab just above by the product description. 


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Managed all 3 of our connections as full timers

When we were lucky enough to add Starlink to our arsenal, we realized our faithful BR1 Mini was now unable to provide the throughput that Starlink offerred capped at 100mbps. The Balance20x offers us 900mbps throughput and with an expansion modem, we now have 3 connections in total to use across our speed fusion cloud for Zoom and critical voip traffic. As full time boondockers this setup has been tremendous for us.

Dylan V.
United States United States


Great product and great service! I upgraded this unit to a cat 18 modem and will next work with better antennas but we immediately had better upload speeds than our sprint hot spot which helped a lot with the wife's VPN working from home. Can't wait for the 5G upgrade to come!

jason r.

Unbelievable Solution to Mobile Internet

WOW!!!!I This Router is the BOMB! My wife worked the entire drive from the far reaches of the south-east to the far north of the midwest... On our maiden journey we used ~70 Gigs of data with only one very minor interruption through the Blue Ridge Mountains and unbelievable speeds as high as 45 gbps Down/30 gbps Up at 40 ms ping. While I know we were near Interstates most of the time it seemed like even when the phones lost service the network was reaching our little Pepwave Balance 20x Router (Using the Internal Modem) and providing sufficient speeds and data transfer for webex meetings, Chatrooms, and basic business functions. I even played a few Games using the service and it worked flawlessly. We also did venture off the freeways a few times and had no issue. The most shocking part was that due to some cable length issues - We didn't even have an external antenna added to the router on our three week trek... and yes it kept us online and connected the whole time using Mobilemusthave's partner AT&T Unlimited plan service. I cannot recommend this router highly enough and it's shocking that it is such a good piece of kit. I'm also using it in conjunction with the Metal 52ac by Microtik to Bridge WIFI-as-WAN and that is working like a dream! 100% would recommend this product... with the ability to add 5g capable modems in the future... it may no be a "dinosaur" in the next few months as the world rolls out 5g... My only hope is for 5g unlimited plans to be available without caps, network management and throttling!

Jordan E.

Great Router

I purchased this router after reviews from the Mobile Internet Resource Center. This is my first mobile router and I am extremely impressed. I was using my phone hotspot or a mifi for years with ok results. We work from our travel trailer on occasion and after a few days of connectivity issues with our old setup, I decided to upgrade. We have been using the Balance 20x for a few weeks of remote working now, add we�re glad we upgraded. The built in CAT4 modem will get you by for the most part, but I upgraded to the CAT18 modem add on to increase speeds and band accessibility. We have been able to work without issue on three laptops; stream on a firetv, use my multiple cellphones, and game on an Xbox. We are only using the device antennas with an external Pepwave Puma on order. Mobile Must have has offered great service!