Peplink SpeedFusion Connect 5G/LTE Data Plans

Peplink SpeedFusion Connect 5G/LTE Data Plans

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Description:  Peplink's SpeedFusion Connect 5G/LTE offering is a series of eSIM-based data plans that can be provisioned on certain Peplink routers.

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Peplink SpeedFusion Connect 5G/LTE Data Plans

Peplink's SpeedFusion Connect 5G/LTE offering is a series of eSIM-based data plans that can be provisioned on certain Peplink routers. These plans are available for individually supported routers or as a pooled plan that can be deployed and used across multiple devices with an InControl2-managed organization.

On-Demand Data

Access on-demand data plans and only pay for what you need anytime, anywhere.

Access to Multiple Networks Under One Plan

Experiencing a lack of coverage with carriers in certain areas? Don’t have the luxury of multiple carriers and plans? Experience reliable coverage from multiple carriers and plans bundled into one with SpeedFusion Connect 5G/LTE.

Experience It All

Leverage SpeedFusion Connect 5G/LTE data and SpeedFusion Connect Protect with one subscription.

Simple & Convenient

Manage every device and eliminate data wastage, all from a single platform.

Supported Peplink Products

  • MAX ADAPTER: MAX Adapter LTEA, MAX Adapter 5G
  • PRIMECARE MODELS: MAX Transit Duo Pro E, MAX Transit Duo Pro , UBR Plus
  • BR SERIES: MAX BR1 Pro 5G, MAX BR1 Mini (HW3), MAX BR2 Pro
  • X SERIES: Balance 310X, MAX MBX Mini, EPX, Balance 20X
  • FLEXMODULE PLUS/MINI: Flex Module Plus, FlexModule Mini

NOTE: SpeedFusion Connect 5G/LTE plans for MAX Adapter and FlexModule Plus/Mini do not support SpeedFusion Connect Protect.

Pricing applies to US region only, other regions may vary

More Information

Peplink SpeedFusion Connect 5G/LTE page, including FAQ

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