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M-Series Multi-Carrier data plans are ONLY compatible with select Peplink Routers (generally routers with more than one cellular modem). See below for more information.

M-Series Multi-Carrier Data Plan for Peplink Routers (no sim)

Experience Boundless Connectivity Anywhere, Anytime

Discover the ultimate in mobile internet freedom with's M-Series Multi-Carrier Data Plans. Using Peplink's FusionSIM technology, M-Series plans utilize MobileMustHave's cloud infrastructure to connect your Peplink router to a virtual cloud based data plan that can utilize the networks of all 3 major US cellular providers, all without a sim card. Designed for those who need access to multiple national cellular networks on a single data plan, M-Series is more than a high-usage data plan; it's your key to staying connected no matter where your travels take you.

What's Included:

  • FusionSIM virtual data plan with 500GB/mo of data included
  • Cellular Coverage inside the United States using 3 major US carrier networks
  • Peplink Certified US-Based Support Team for initial configuration & ongoing support
  • Same day activation (M-F) if requested by 2pm EST
  • 1 FusionSIM "Link" sharable among up to 3 Peplink devices (Each online device = 1 link, addition links may be purchased upon request, additional fees apply, contact us for details)
  • Bootable Peplink eSIM data plan included, 500mb included for connecting to M-Series data plans (beta feature)
  • Usage reporting available directly from your Peplink's dashboard

How M-Series Data plans Work:

Peplink routers include an advanced functionality called FusionSIM which allows the device to connect to virtual data plans available from Unlike a traditional data plan requiring a sim, with M-Series the sim information is delivered via the cloud allowing your device to connect to the cellular network without a physical sim present. This has the added benefit of allowing multiple sims from multiple carriers to be provided to you as part of your plan. Should a certain plan not connect or have coverage, FusionSIM technology moves to another sim ensuring you always stay connected regardless of the carrier. 

Device Compatibility:

This plan is exclusively compatible with Peplink devices that support FusionSIM/RemoteSIM. Partial list includes:

  • Peplink Balance series: 20X*, 310 5G, 310 Fiber 5G, 310X, 310X 5G, 380X*, 580X*, SDX Pro^, EPX^
  • Peplink MAX Series: MBX, MBX 5G, MBX Mini, PDX, BR1 Classic (HW 3), BR1 ESN, BR1 Pro (HW 5/6) (NOT BR1 PRO 5G or BR1 CAT-20), BR1 IP55 (HW 4 or above), BR2 Pro, HD1 Dome Pro, Peplink Dome 5G, HD2 Dome, Transit Duo Pro (NOT Transit DUO CAT-12 or Transit CAT-18), Transit Pro E, Transit Core, UBR LTE, UBR Plus, SFE (HW 2 or above), SFE CAM.

^ with FlexModule Plus EXM-3LTEA-W, EXM-3LTEA-P, EXM-3LTEA-R, EXM-3LTEA-K, EXM-2GLTE-G or EXM-2X5G

Why M-Series Multi-Carrier Data Plans?

  • Instant Access Across All Carriers: Get your Peplink router online within hours (no sim card required) with access to all 3 major US carriers. Our FusionSIM technology streamlines your connectivity.  Activated same day if ordered before 2 pm eastern time.
  • Seamless Network Transition: Problems with one carrier connecting? Our FusionSIM technology will automatically fail you over to another national network and keep trying all major networks until you are connected.
  • Flexible and Convenient: At purchase, you are buying one 'link'.  This 'link' can be associated with up to three Peplink FusionSIM compatible devices.  A 'link' can only be active on one device at a time.
  • Simplify Your Connectivity: One plan, all carriers – the simplest, most comprehensive connectivity solution.

Maximize Your Connectivity with Multiple Links

  • Enhanced Coverage: By purchasing multiple links, you can connect to different carriers simultaneously, ensuring the best possible network spread all on one Peplink router. 
  • Versatile Use: Use multiple plans on the same device or across different devices, each with its own subscription.
  • Ideal for Power Users: Perfect for those requiring robust, uninterrupted internet access in varied locations.

Contact customer service for more information when purchasing multiple links or more than M-Series data plan.

More on FusionSIM 

At the heart of our M-Series Multi-Carrier Data Plan is Peplink's innovative FusionSIM technology. is proud to leverage the latest advancements from Peplink to bring this exceptional feature to our customers. Here's a brief overview of how it works:

  • FusionSIM Technology: This cutting-edge technology from Peplink allows for the virtualization of SIM cards. It enables our data plan to access multiple carrier networks without the need for physical SIM card swaps.
  • Seamless Network Integration: By utilizing FusionSIM, our plan seamlessly integrates with various carrier networks, providing you with the best available connection at all times.
  • Advanced Peplink Integration: Our data plan is specifically designed to work in harmony with select Peplink routers, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

This technology represents a significant step forward in mobile internet connectivity, offering unprecedented flexibility and ease of use. With and Peplink, you're not just staying connected; you're staying ahead with the latest in connectivity technology.

Additional Terms:
  • In order to take advantage of complimentary router support and use the Peplink eSIM features, your router must be under warranty (PrimeCare) and added to MobileMustHave’s Incontrol2 Support Portal.
  • Peplink's eSIM can be used as a primary connection, but this feature is under beta and is not guaranteed.  MMH will include up to 500MB of data on Peplink's eSIM with a M-Series plan but the router must be added to MMH's InControl support portal.
  • Currently data plans under $120/m are not eligible for the multi-plan discounts.
Will this plan get shut down?

We partner with reputable wholesalers who manage thousands of lines nationally and operate licensed businesses with fully staffed support teams. Plans are vetted for compatibility and tested by our internal testing team for 3-6 months before being offered to customers. As with all plans, there is a chance that a carrier may choose to change the device compatibility list or suspend service on a particular account or line (anyone who says differently is not telling the truth). By partnering with reputable wholesalers that purchase data-only plans designed for use with our devices, the chance of shutdown is minimized. In the unlikely event of a shutdown, our support team is always available to relocate customers to an alternative plan at no cost to you.

Can I temporarily suspend service?

Our plans have no contracts or commitments. You can discontinue service at any time by contacting our customer service team. Pro-rated refunds for pre-paid months of service will not be issued, so make sure to cancel around the end of your monthly billing cycle to maximize the use of your plan. To reinstate service, just purchase the plan again and receive a new SIM card.

If you resume service after disconnecting, the monthly fee will readjust to the current recurring monthly rate as listed above.

How do I pay the monthly bill?

When your SIM card ships, you will receive an activation ticket with payment information to set up your next month of service. Payments are processed monthly through our billing portal. This can be managed by logging into your account on our store and clicking "Manage Subscriptions". You can cancel your service or update your card on file in the account management portal.

What if I forget to pay my bill or my card is declined?

If your card is declined, you will receive an email that there is a payment issue and to update your payment method. If the issue is not remedied within 48 hours, your line will be disconnected. If your line is disconnected due to non-payment. Once your payment method is resolved, your service will be reinstated typically within 24 hours. If your account is suspended for more than 7 days, your line may be re-assigned and you may need a new sim card to resume service. 

What happens if I go over my data limit?

If you use more than 1000GB, the provider reserves the right to suspend your service. Connections are not throttled when using over 1000GB at this time. The account is monitored for abuse and activity that is not consistent with our Terms of Service. If your account is suspended, your plan will resume at the next billing cycle. If you habitually exceed 1000GB, you might be disconnected permanently - so make sure you set your bandwidth alerts as outlined in our Bandwidth Management Article.

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