Starlink 2.0

Combine Starlink with Multi-WAN for the Ultimate Internet Experience

Unbreakable Connectivity

Starlink offers the promise of high-speed internet access, even in the most remote and off-the-grid locations. It's a game-changer, no doubt. However, like any technology, Starlink has its occasional shortfalls. Signal coverage challenges and downtime can disrupt your online experience just when you need it most. That's where we come in to enhance your Starlink experience.

At MobileMustHave, we believe that every RV journey should be accompanied by seamless and reliable internet connectivity. In this pursuit, we introduce you to a powerful solution: combining Starlink with Peplink routers. Together, they create a synergy that addresses Starlink's limitations, providing you with the ultimate RV internet experience.

No more drop outs

Peplink routers complement Starlink by providing seamless connectivity by bonding all your internet connections into one.

No campsite setup

With the Flat Mount Dish from Starlink, there is not more setup once you arrive. The Antenna is installed on your roof and always on, always connected.

Available when cellular is not

Starlink is a great option for remote locations that won't have cell reception. Stay online where ever you roam.

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If internet is mission-critical for you, or you simply want the most reliable connection, there is nothing better. Combine two cellular connections, public wifi, starlink and more all in one redundant connection.

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Addressing Starlink Shortfalls with Peplink

While Starlink has undoubtedly revolutionized internet access for RV travelers, it's essential to acknowledge that even the most advanced technologies may encounter limitations, especially in remote areas. Signal coverage gaps and occasional downtime can leave you frustrated, disrupting your connectivity when you need it most. At MobileMustHave, we understand that reliable internet connectivity is not just a luxury; it's a necessity for modern RV enthusiasts.

This is where Peplink routers, with their innovative SpeedFusion technology, step in as the perfect complement to Starlink. SpeedFusion is the secret sauce that ensures you get the best connection possible, regardless of your location. It's a game-changer in the world of mobile connectivity.

SpeedFusion works by combining multiple internet connections into a single, fast, and reliable virtual network. Imagine the power of not relying solely on Starlink's signal but harnessing the strength of multiple connections, such as Starlink, cellular data, and Wi-Fi hotspots, all at once. SpeedFusion intelligently manages these connections, providing a seamless and uninterrupted online experience for your RV adventures.

Peplink routers equipped with SpeedFusion are designed to give you peace of mind. With automatic failover and load balancing, you can trust that your internet connection remains robust even if one source experiences issues. It's like having a reliable backup plan in place at all times, ensuring you're never left in the digital dark, even in the most challenging environments.

In essence, combining Starlink with Peplink routers featuring SpeedFusion technology means you're not just enhancing your internet connectivity; you're future-proofing it. You're ensuring that your RV adventures are marked by uninterrupted online experiences, making your journeys more enjoyable, productive, and stress-free.

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