Blu Tech Quick Connect Pressure Gauge, Stainless Steel

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Part Number: BT-GAGE-PSISS


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Description:  Blu Tech Quick Connect Pressure Gauge, Stainless Steel, 0-60 PSI, Compatible with Blu Technology Quick Connect Products

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Keep track of your water pressure with the Blu Tech Stainless Steel Quick Connect Pressure Gauge. Having a pressure gauge can help determine if you need to change your water filters. If you see a drop in your water pressure it can indicate that it is time to replace your filters!

The Blu Tech Pressure Gauge features a 2.5" display, covering water from 0-60 PSI, with +/-1.5% accuracy. The Stainless Steel Quick Connects make the pressure gauge compatible with Blu Technology filtration systems and hoses, for fast and easy installation when checking your water pressure!

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