B300+ - 300GB/mo 50mbps Cellular Data Plan

B300+ - 300GB/mo 50mbps Cellular Data Plan

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300GB/mo 50/Mbps High-Speed Cellular Data Plan. See Coverage

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If you’re planning to use a cellular data connection as your primary source of internet, you will want a serious data plan that won’t get in your way with low data caps or low speeds. Enter the B300+ Data Plan - our specially negotiated and exclusive plan with one of the nation’s largest networks.

This high GB data plan is authorized for use in Peplink routers and is not available directly from the carrier. Unlike other providers, MMH data plans are fully authorized hotspot data plans (not tablet or phone plans subject to shutdown for misuse by the carrier).

Key Features

  • 300GB of monthly data - see coverage map
  • 50Mbps upload/download speed
  • No contracts - cancel anytime, pay month-to-month
  • Automatic bill pay - receive 30 days initially and we’ll email a link to you to set up automatic monthly payments
  • $10.00/mo discount for members + $10.00/mo multi-plan discount (save up to $20/mo per plan)

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Don't like the data plan or want to return for any reason? Couldn't get it to work or no service in your area? No problem, we offer 7-day, no-questions-asked returns from your date of activation. Simply request a refund and we will process it as quickly as possible.

Note: this is the SIM card only, no device is included

No Activation Fee with Hardware Purchase

Activation fees will be automatically removed at checkout with qualified router hardware purchase. The $50.00 activation fee will be removed at checkout when a Peplink router or mobile internet bundle is added to your cart. Pay only for your first month of service and cancel anytime without contracts, penalties or hidden fees. 

300GB of high-speed data? What if I go over?

The average MobileMustHave.com customer using the internet like they use home internet will use between 200-300GB of data. Your line will stop functioning once it hits 300GB and will resume normal operation when your monthly billing cycle resets:

-  on the 10th of every month for R300, R300+, R500 & R1000 plans 
-  on the 1st of every month for P500, P800 & P1000
-  on the 5th of every month for B300 & B300+

Your usage can be easily monitored through Peplink’s Management Dashboard to prevent shutdown (learn more here). We encourage customers that need more than 300GB to purchase multiple data plans.

Other plans claim they are unlimited or cheaper - why?

We offer business internet plans designed for use in mobile routers and Peplink devices. Competitors often advertise plans as “unlimited” or “fully authorized”, but the majority of these low-cost plans are designed for tablets and phones and are being misused when inserted into a mobile router. This is why those plans are often shut down without notice. We directly support our data plans and guarantee them to our customers. Should you experience a plan issue, we will immediately offer you a suitable plan alternative at no cost to you.

Will this plan get shut down?

We partner with reputable wholesalers who manage thousands of lines nationally and operate licensed businesses with fully staffed support teams. Plans are vetted for compatibility and tested by our internal testing team for 3-6 months before being offered to customers. As with all plans, there is a chance that a carrier may choose to change the device compatibility list or suspend service on a particular account or line (anyone who says differently is not telling the truth). By partnering with reputable wholesalers that purchase data-only plans designed for use with our devices, the chance of shutdown is minimized. In the unlikely event of a shutdown, our support team is always available to relocate customers to an alternative plan at no cost to you.

Can I temporarily suspend service?

Our plans have no contracts or commitments. You can discontinue service at any time by contacting our customer service team. Pro-rated refunds for pre-paid months of service will not be issued, so make sure to cancel around the end of your monthly billing cycle to maximize the use of your plan. To reinstate service, just purchase the plan again and receive a new SIM card.

If you resume service after disconnecting, the monthly fee will readjust to the current recurring monthly rate as listed above.

How do I pay the monthly bill?

When your SIM card ships, you will receive an activation ticket with payment information to set up your next month of service. Payments are processed monthly through our billing portal. This can be managed by logging into your account on our store and clicking "Manage Subscriptions". You can cancel your service or update your card on file in the account management portal.

What if I forget to pay my bill or my card is declined?

If your card is declined, you will receive an email that there is a payment issue and to update your payment method. If the issue is not remedied within 48 hours, your line will be disconnected. If your line is disconnected due to non-payment. Once your payment method is resolved, your service will be reinstated typically within 24 hours. If your account is suspended for more than 7 days, your line may be re-assigned and you may need a new sim card to resume service. 

Is 50mbps of speed fast enough?

This plan has a speed cap of 50Mbps, which is enforced by the carrier in exchange for the high data limit (not usually available to the general public). 25Mpbs is plenty to stream Netflix, take Zoom calls, and work on-the-go. (Zoom calls use approximately 1.3Mbps of bandwidth, while an HD Netflix stream uses 3-5Mbps).

While speed caps aren’t for everyone, they come with more stability and can keep you from using more data than intended (ie. Netflix auto-streaming your movie in 4K instead of HD). You can bond multiple plans together using SpeedFusion Connect, which can increase total bandwidth across multiple plans. As with all data plans, your speeds are dependent on your network connection, tower saturation, and the overall health of the cellular network.

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