6 Circuit DC Fuse Block, LED Blown Fuse Alert, Protective Cover

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Part Number: FUSEBOX-12v-6-LED


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Description:  12-24V 6 Position DC Fuse Block with +/- Terminals, ATC/ATA Blade Style Fuses, LED Blown Fuse Indicator

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This high quality 6 position DC Fuse Block with Negative Bus is a compact and affordable way to protect your DC powered devices in any mobile application. This compact and easy to wire fuse box allows you to run a single heavy gauge positive and negative wire from your battery bank and will then provide up to 6 fused circuits to your devices. Properly fusing DC circuits protects your sensitive equipment from damage, avoids damage to wires and limits the risk of fire. All DC devices should be fused in accordance with manufacturer electrical power specifications.


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