12V DC to 56V DC Step Up Converter

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Part Number: 12-56V-SUC-168W

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Description:  Converts DC 12v to 56v enabling PoE on on supported devices without the need for 120v Shore Power

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  • Description

This DC to DC 12v to 56v step up converter enables PoE on select Peplink devices that have PoE support. Peplink offers a 56v power adapter however it requires 110v power making it not an ideal solution for mobile use. Step up converted supports up to 168 watts of output power making it ideal for powering multiple Pepwave devices such as PoE routers and switches and external access points. This DC to DC step up converter takes standard 12v power from RV house batteries and converts it to 56v which can be used to enable PoE on devices including but not limited to:

  • Max BR1 ENT
  • Max BR1 HD2
  • SIM Injector
  • HD1/HD2 Dome (with Sim Injector)


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