Transit Pro Duo Router

With powerful connectivity in a compact package,
find out why the Transit Pro Duo is our favorite internet solution.

Traveling just got a whole lot smoother with Peplink's Max Transit Pro Duo. With incredible bandwidth, endless customizability, and impressive stability, the Transit Pro is easily one of the best internet solutions on the market.

Whether you're using it alone and enjoying its plug-n-play installation, or pairing it with our complete internet bundles, the Transit Pro stands out as an excellent choice for blending the most reliable connection with the best value.

Powerful Features


Two onboard cellular modems to connect to multiple carriers simultaneously

WiFi 6

The latest WiFi technology onboard fights busy campground and marina congestion

Connection Bonding

Combine internet connections together for unstoppable reliability - great for mobile workers


Connect multiple Peplink routers, access points, Starlink, and hotspots and manage them all easily from one dashboard

Why are Peplink routers the best on the market?

Reliable - It Just Works!

Originally created for police and first responders, Peplink prioritized reliability and ease of use for all of its routers.

Never Lose Internet, Even if a Connection Fails

Experience lightning fast speeds and failsafe connections with Peplink's proprietary SpeedFusion technology, bonding multiple internet sources into one ultra-reliable stream.

Manage All Connections on One Single Dashboard

With local admin and InControl 2, you can now manage all of your connections on a single screen without changing your network.


Connect to campground, marina, or public WiFi and use it as a source of internet through your Peplink router.

Daisy Chain for Limitless Connections

Connect Peplink routers together to create limitless configurations to perfectly suit your internet needs.

Compatible with Starlink

Utilize Starlink alongside your other connections and take advantage of Starlink's speed while making up for any reliability issues with your other connections.

Want a complete solution with our favorite router?


One-Step Internet

- Our #1 Recommended Router
- Double the bandwidth of other routers, making it ideal for families and groups
- Perfect for when you need plug and play internet
- Get your internet up and running almost immediately
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Insider Bundle

DIY- Friendly Internet

- Based around the Transit Pro
- DIY-friendly installation with NO drilling for the indoor-mounted antenna
- Perfect for when you need a bit more signal but don't want to cut into your vehicle
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Ultimate Road Warrior Bundle

Top-Notch Internet

- Based around the Transit Pro
- The most resilient internet connection for streaming, work, and more
- Perfect for those comfortable with cutting into their vehicle to get top-of-the-line connectivity
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