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Introducing the Insider Bundle

  • The MAX Transit Duo Pro, our #1 router for reliable internet
  • Connect to 2+ cellular providers at the same time
  • High performance 4x4 interior mount 5G ready antenna - no drilling holes in your roof!
  • Combine limitless connections together for unstoppable reliability for Zoom, work, and play
  • Starlink and T-Mobile Home Expansion Ready

Ongoing Deals

$200 OFF With Code "Transit200"

Peplink Max Transit Duo Pro Router

- Our #1 recommended router
- double the bandwidth of other routers, making it ideal for families and groups
- Combine multiple high-speed connections with SpeedFusion Cloud for maximum reliability
- 2 cellular modems optimized for AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon
Get 5% off msrp

Ultimate Road Warrior VR2 Bundle

- Uses our #1 recommended router
- All-in-one solution
- The most resilient internet connection for streaming, work, and more
- Use SpeedFusion Cloud to bond internet connections together into one unified connection for better speed and reliability

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