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So you are looking for Mobile Internet Solutions and aren’t sure what to get? We get this question a lot so don't worry.  

We’ve helped thousands of customers get better internet on the go, and the information below will help you better understand what solution could be best for you! This post is a bit long, but the goal is to answer your questions, potentially some questions you didn't know you had, so please read along to learn more. 

First, mobile internet is a complex topic and no one solution is right for everyone. Unfortunately, that means there are a lot of choices but we are here to help navigate you to the correct one. Be careful of copycat resellers out there who try to just sell what we sell at a slightly cheaper price. They lack the industry expertise that comes with 100+ years of combined team industry experience in technology. Plus with MMH you're protected by our Price Match Guarantee so you'll never pay more, we guarantee it. 

Before you get started, make a note to check out our MMH Insider Membership packages. Through a partnership with the Mobile Internet Resource Center (MIRC), we are able to not only offer our members the highest level discounts (that usually pay for more than the cost of the membership with the first purchase) but memberships also give you access to premium content from the Mobile Internet Resource Center so you'll always have help, support, and the latest information. Members get access to our advanced technical support forum and content, where you can get additional configuration guidance from our combined staff of mobile internet experts.

What Internet Solution is Right for me? 

A great place to start is with our Internet Bundles as they have everything you need to get started. All of them come with a Peplink Mobile router, roof mount antenna, and AC and DC power cables to hook up to a battery or standard house power.  Our bundles work with most cellular data plans designed to work with hotspots and you can purchase a data plan designed for mobile use right on the bundle pages all without any contracts or term commitments. All bundles come with an ethernet WAN port which will allow you to connect Starlink and other ethernet-based internet solutions to diversify your connectivity. 

A Summary of each Bundle and Ideal Customer is below. There may be different versions of bundles inside of a series with minor differences but start by selecting which bundle grouping best resembled what you'll be using the internet for. 

  • Road Warrior/Ultimate Road Warrior Bundles - Multiple modem devices capable of connecting to more than one cellular provider at a time and bonding multiple connections together. Good for digital nomads, remote workers, and those who value stability and uptime over all else and consider the internet "mission critical". 
  • Speed Demon Bundles - Faster cellular connections and improved features for the fastest possible speeds. Good for those who don't mind spending a bit more for faster speeds. 
  • Full Timer Bundles - Blend of good value & functionality, great for weekend warriors, full-timers and those who just want the internet to work. 

Below is information about popular bundles but before you get started we recommend watching a detailed video that walks you through some basics on the internet and the terminology and then explains each of the bundles. Some of our newer bundles are not featured but the names of each bundle remain the same, just with newer versions so the video is still easy to follow.

Below is a summary of our Popular Bundles. We have also created a handy bundle comparison chart to help you with your decision. 


Full Timer Bundle Detailed Description

Our Full-timer bundle is very popular and friendlier on the budget. The Peplink router included is optimized to work with all the major cellular providers and you can have up to 2 sim cards pre-loaded and switch between them at a click of a button. You get the modem, the roof antenna, and the DC power cable in the bundle, everything needed to get started with stable reliable internet. This bundle works great with Netflix and streaming and is a top seller for those who want to get connected without breaking the bank. 


Ultimate Road Warrior Detailed Description

Our top-selling bundle, the Ultimate Road Warrior now has an upgraded processor for faster throughput and a CAT-7 and CAT-12 modem combo making it ideal for T-Mobile, Verizon & AT&T. You can use two sim cards at the same time and SpeedFusion bonding cloud technology is included allowing you to combine multiple connections for reliability.  Previous generations were not optimized for T-Mobile. 
If you're looking for the ultimate internet experience we have launched the Ultimate Road Warrior 5G which has dual 5G modems and a USB port to add an optional 3rd 5G modem. These units are pricey because of just how much technology is required to move at the data speeds of 3 5G cellular connections. 
Paired with a Roof antenna, this is our top solution but really shines when a customer has two cellular data plans. It will work with just one data plan if you're looking to future-proof. 

Speed Demon Bundle Detailed Description

If you're looking for the fastest possible download speeds with maximum compatibility for the latest cellular bands and technology then take a look at our Speed Demon Bundle. Now be careful as everyone just assumes yea I want fast! In reality, having two modems rather than a single faster modem is usually better for reliability long term so choose carefully based on your needs. The Speed Demon bundles are available in a super-fast CAT-20 version or the newest 5G Version which are linked below. Again all bundles come with a roof antenna, modem, and dc power cables for your convenience. 

Cellular Data Plans

From there, once you have picked a bundle you just need a data plan. You can bring your own from your existing hotspot (not a phone plan or tablet plan, has to be for a data-only device) but remember those are often throttled with data caps even if they say they are unlimited. Check the fine print. Data plans are available from here and on the bundle listing pages if you want to keep things simple and know everything will just work. No contracts, cancel anytime, and get access to high-GB data plans not available to the public. 

Need Help? Not Sure?

No problem, start up a chat in the bottom right-hand corner with a specialist, and if you prefer to talk on the phone simply request a scheduled call back by emailing us at or requesting a callback in chat. Someone will get right back to you and coordinate a time that works to touch base on what solution is right for you.