Bluebird Data Plan Communication - Bluebird Data Plan Communication

[April 25, 2022]

Hi from,

This communication was sent out to all customers who had purchased a cellular data referral plan from us in the past called Bluebird Referral Data Plan/AT&T Referral Data Plan. This message only pertains to Bluebird Referral customers.  This does not impact any other plans from such as our B300. R300, P800 etc. you may disregard as your plan is not affected.

The 3rd party provider of the Bluebird AT&T plan has just informed us that this plan is being terminated on April 28th. The plan will no longer function. Action is required if you utilize this to stay connected. has a variety of plan alternatives available that are tested to function with Pepwave devices and are supported by us, not a third party. As a valued past customer, we are waiving activation fees for past customers who use the coupon code below and will be expediting activations to help customers stay connected. Plans purchased at include a sim card and 30 days of pre-paid data and a subscription to continue the service for as long as you with without contract. Full details are contained below in the listing pages. Contact us for coupon code along with your Bluebird Order number or email address.

View the current data plan options by using the link below:

As a reminder, the Bluebird previously purchased was a referral service, and we do not provide the service and have no control over billing or suspension of its service. We do not administer or manage the plan, or collect funds from its use. If you have any questions about the current plan, reach out to the third-party provider directly at

Any alternative data plans sourced outside of will not be supported by us. You must contact the provider for any/all technical support, billing, or customer service-related inquiries.

Any question the team can help answer, you can respond to this email or reach out to us via chat on our website. Data Team