Pepwave Balance 310 5G

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Description:  1GB Throughput Branch Office 5G Router - 1x WAN, 1x USB, 1x5G, 1xLTE-A, 5xLAN, 2x SFP LAN

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The Pepwave Balance 310 5G Primecare is a powerhouse for remote office and branch office connectivity. Easily able to handle 100-250 users, this router has a 1GB router throughput for today's fastest wired connections and pairs a 5G CAT-20 Cellular modem and a second Cat-12 Cellular Modem for truly unbreakable connectivity.  The Balance 310 5G has 5 GB LAN ports, 1GB WAN Port, 2 SFP ports and a USB port with support for a 3rd cellular modem with Pepwaves Max Adapter USB modems. 

The Balance 310 5G is a Primecare modem that entitles customers toSpeedFusion licensing for WAN bonding of the cellular modems, wan port, and USB WAN port for up to 4 simultaneous bonded WAN connections in a SpeedFusion tunnel. The Balance 310 5G's integrated WIFi Controller can control and centrally manage external access points for seamless wired and wireless centralized management.

Dual Modem Device

The mobile router listed on this page is equipped with two embedded cellular modems. This will allow you to utilize two cellular connections at the same time, providing advanced traffic routing and load balancing capabilities as well as near-instant failover from one provider to another.  Internet traffic can be routed in a variety of ways using Peplink's proprietary Outbound Policy Management Algorithms.  Dual modem devices may be capable of utilizing SpeedFusion technology also known as "WAN bonding" which may require separate licensing. See SpeedFusion section below. 

SpeedFusion Licensed

The device listed on this page is licensed for SpeedFusion access. SpeedFusion is Peplink's proprietary WAN bonding solution that can bond multiple internet connections together into a single, more resilient connection for added connection reliability. SpeedFusion capable devices create a VPN tunnel which allows multiple internet connections to act as a single connection. SpeedFusion supports WAN-Smoothing, a technology which helps to prevent packet-loss which is typically the cause for unstable internet connections. In order to utilize SpeedFusion you must either host your own SpeedFusion instance at a secondary location/datacenter, or utilize Peplink's SpeedFusion Cloud service which is available for an additional monthly subscription fee. This device includes 1TB of SpeedFusion cloud transfer at up to 100Mbps per second. For more information on SpeedFusion and SpeedFusion cloud please contact us below.



This is a PrimeCare device. PrimeCare includes a factory replacement warranty, centralized cloud management, and SpeedFusion and SpeedFusion Hub licenses for WAN Bonding functionality. PrimeCare devices include 1 Year of PrimeCare with your purchase. Licensing PrimeCare beyond year one can be purchased now (options above). Basic functionality will remain if PrimeCare expires. Factory Warranty, InControl Cloud Management and SpeedFusion will stop functioning until the PrimeCare license is renewed.

FirstNet Ready

This device is FirstNet Ready! FirstNet is the nationwide public safety communications platform dedicated to America's first responders. Being built with AT&T, in public-private partnership with the FirstNet Authority, FirstNet utilizes Band-14, which is reserved for public safety but is also being marketed as available to the public for additional bandwidth capacity. In testing Band-14 has been made available during non-emergency situations to the public to provide additional bandwidth and coverages to customers who have a modem that supports FirstNet's Band-14. Not all modems that support Band-14 are "FirstNet Certified" however they typically can connect to Band-14 in most areas. Information on FirstNet certifications can be found on Specification sheets located on the Documentation Tab. Additional information about FirstNet's use and technology can be found in this article from our friends at the RV Mobile Internet Resource Center.

Full Specifications

Looking for the full specifications on this product? Not to worry, they are located above under the "Documentation" Tab just above by the product description. 


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