Peplink MAX HD1 Dome Marine Router

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Part Number: MAX-HD1-DOM-M-GLTE-G


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Description:  Single CAT-18 LTE-A Modem, Integrated 4x4 MIMO Antenna, Great for Marine

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The Peplink HD1 Dome is a industrial grade mobile router that integrates a single CAT 18 modem with a 4x4 MIMO cellular antenna. By integrating the modem and antenna into a single dome enclosure cellular reception is maximized with minimal loss due to antenna cables. The HD1 Dome is a fully functional mobile router complete with all features and functionality of traditional Peplink mobile routers. While the HD1 Dome does not have WiFi capabilities, it does have Peplink's AP Controller allowing it to be paired with Peplink Wireless Access Points such as the AP Mini or AP One AX providing the user with a centralized cellular, router and wireless management console for easy management. The HD1 Dome must be powered by Power Over Ethernet (PoE) which can be provided by an ethernet switch or by the optional SIM injector which has an integrated switch supplying POE. The Optional SIM Injector includes an integrated 4 port switch and PoE along with providing 8 additional remote sim cards for total flexibility.

The HD1 Dome provides single-cellular Bandwidth Bonding in an IP67 enclosure that has a minimal profile on the rooftop while providing maximum signal. With redundant SIM, the HD1 Dome supports single cellular radios and 2 SIM cards (HD2 supports 4 sim cards). Combine the HD1 Dome with the optional SIM Injector, and the number of SIM cards increases to ten allowing you to switch sim cards without having to access the dome which may be mounted permanently up high.

When purchasing the HD1 Dome and the SIM Injector at the same time, you get the SIM Injector at a discounted price of $999 (compared to when separate of $1,499).  This price is only available when purchasing together.

For the serious mobile enthusiast the HD1 Dome can be an RV'rs primary internet solution. With 2 onboard sim card slots multiple carrier support is not an issue. We recommend customers pair the dome with a AP One AX or AP One Mini Access Point for local WiFi.  Note this solution will rely on cellular for internet. Campground WiFi or WiFi-As-WAN is not supported natively in the HD1. For customers who are taking it to the next level and also wish to take advantage of WIFI as WAN, customers can pair the HD1 Dome with a Peplink Transit CAT 18 or Transit DUO to provide up to 3 concurrent cellular connections. With optional Speedfusion Bonding these multiple SIMs can be combined using Speedfusion bonding for truly unbreakable connectivity. 

The HD1 Dome is also highly popular for marine use especially on larger vessels where running long cables throughout is not optimal and would create significant signal loss. The single CAT 5e cable run up to the antenna bridge can make for simplified cable installation with significant improvement to cellular signal reception since no loss is occurring with lengthy antenna wires. 

One Embedded Cellular Modem

This mobile router is equipped with a single cellular modem. This device may have multiple SIM card slots but can connect to one cellular provider at a time. Single modem devices may include a USB port or expansion slot to add additional modems. Switching between SIM card slots can be done via the management console, typically in 30-60 seconds allowing time for the modem to reboot utilizing the auxiliary SIM slot(s). Higher-end single modem devices often have faster maximum download/upload speeds then other devices but lack the redundancy found in a multi-modem device. Our multi-modem collection of devices can be found here

Internet traffic can be routed in a variety of ways using Peplink's proprietary Outbound Policy Management Algorithms.  Single modem devices may be capable of utilizing SpeedFusion technology, also known as "WAN bonding", which may require separate licensing. Single modem devices can bond the single cellular connection with the devices WAN port or WIFI-as-WAN sources if the device supports these functions.  See SpeedFusion section on this page for additional information.

Category 18 Modem

This mobile router is equipped with one or more category 18 LTE Advanced Pro cellular modems with a maximum download speed of 1.2Gbps and a maximum upload speed of 150Mbps (typical speeds range from 10-150mbps depending on cellular network conditions and coverage). The category of the modem impacts the maximum upload and download speed of the device and what cellular bands or "channels" the device can connect to. Cellular bands act similarly to "channels" on television, each cellular provider broadcasts on specific bands. Category 18 modems support connecting to the primary bands of all major carriers such as Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T and step up lower category modems to include additional LTE secondary bands for increased speed and coverage in many areas. This typically includes support for AT&T Band 14, and T-Mobile's Band 71. For a complete list of bands supported, click the documentation tab for detailed specifications.

Category 18 modems are popular with customers who prefer the high speed over the connection stability offered by a dual modem device capable of cellular bonding. Category 18 modems are very popular with customers that need the fastest possible speeds for large file downloads or uploads or who require access to secondary bands to improve performance on a particular cellular carrier. Category 18 modems can bring faster speeds but can come with trade-offs. Category 18 routers typically are single modem devices as a dual modem version would require 8 cellular antennas and be costly. Category 18 modems also may not function on certain data plans where Category 18 modems are not authorized by the cellular carrier for that plan.

Get Connected with MMH Data Plans

MobileMustHave is proud to announce we now have high-speed, high GB data plans available exclusively to our customers. Traditional cellular plans available directly from the carriers have data caps that are not suitable for active travelers. We have negotiated the ability to provide high gigabyte cellular data plans that operate on the top national networks. Take the guesswork out of activating other plans that don't work or are not authorized to work on our cellular routers with data plans from MobileMustHave. Our plans are ready to activate when your ready to travel and have no contracts so keep as long as you need and cancel anytime. 

FirstNet Ready

This device is FirstNet Ready! FirstNet is the nationwide public safety communications platform dedicated to America's first responders. Being built with AT&T, in public-private partnership with the FirstNet Authority, FirstNet utilizes Band-14, which is reserved for public safety but is also being marketed as available to the public for additional bandwidth capacity. In testing Band-14 has been made available during non-emergency situations to the public to provide additional bandwidth and coverages to customers who have a modem that supports FirstNet's Band-14. Not all modems that support Band-14 are "FirstNet Certified" however they typically can connect to Band-14 in most areas. Information on FirstNet certifications can be found on Specification sheets located on the Documentation Tab. Additional information about FirstNet's use and technology can be found in this article from our friends at the RV Mobile Internet Resource Center.

Band 71 Ready

This device supports Band 71. Band 71 is T-Mobile's rural cellular band that operates on 600mhz which provides significant increases in coverage on the T-Mobile network for customers traveling outside of urban areas. 5G ready devices that support Band 71 typically also support Band 71n which is the 5G band for T-Mobile. Note that not all devices are 5G devices so check the listing above but with or without 5G you will still achieve increased coverage on the T-Mobile network with any device that supports Band 71. For more information about Band 71, check out the Band 71 Guide from our friends at the Mobile Internet Resource Center

SmartCare Warranty

Peplink SmartCare optional extended warranty packages provide customers with Incontrol2 cloud management licensing, software updates, firmware updates, and extended factory warranty support with Advanced Replacement support for devices deemed defective by Peplink's warranty support department. SmartCare is a cost effective and convenient way to extend the warranty coverage of your Peplink device for customers who need Advanced Replacement services, and for customer's who have a Peplink device that is out of warranty and require warranty re-instatement. Warranty and license purchases are non-refundable due to manufacturer policies.

  • Technical Support via Support Ticket via Peplink
  • Firmware Upgrades
  • InControl2 Cloud Management
  • Hardware Warranty with Advanced Replacement (a fully-refundable deposit may be required to cross-ship replacement device)
1 Year of EssentialCare Included!

Peplink EssentialCare optional extended warranty packages provide customers with Incontrol2 cloud management licensing, software updates, firmware updates, and extended factory warranty support for devices deemed defective by Peplink's warranty support department. EssentialCare is a cost effective and convenient way to extend the warranty coverage of your Peplink device for customers who do not need advanced replacement support. Note that EssentialCare cannot be purchased for devices outside of existing warranty. Warranty and license purchases are non-refundable due to manufacturer policies.

  • 1-Year EssentialCare included with new Peplink device purchase
  • Technical Support via Support Ticket via Peplink
  • Firmware Upgrades
  • InControl2 Cloud Management
  • Hardware Warranty (requires device to be returned to Peplink prior to replacement being sent out)
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Looking for the full specifications on this product? Not to worry, they are located above under the "Documentation" Tab just above by the product description. 

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