MobileMark LTM Series 8" Ground Plane

MobileMark LTM Series 8" Ground Plane

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Description:  8 Inch Ground Plane with 7/8 inch center hole

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Mobilemark OEM 8-Inch ground plane with 7/8 inch center hole compatible with LTMG and LTMWG series 940, 942, 944, 508 antennas.

This ground plane provides a suitable grounding plane surface for MobileMark LTM Series Roof Antennas and is suitable for use on fiberglass and other non metal roofs that will not provide a suitable sub-straight for the antenna to perform optimally. By adding this optional ground plane your antenna will perform on non metal surfaces common in the RV and boating industry. Ground planes do not require "grounding" or a wire connected to earth/ground. For additional questions please contact us. 


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