The Ultimate Guide to Winterizing Your Class A Entegra RV: Erik's Expert Checklist


Winter is coming, and for those of us living the RV lifestyle, it's crucial to prepare our homes-on-wheels for the colder months. Winterizing your RV is essential to protect it from freezing temperatures and to ensure it's ready for your next adventure. As the founder of and a full-time RVer, I've refined my winterizing process over the years. Here's my comprehensive guide to winterizing a Class A Entegra RV, based on personal experience and expertise.

Step 1:

Turn Off and Cool Down the Water Heater** Start by turning off your water heater. In my Entegra, I use an AquaHOT system. Remember to allow sufficient time for it to cool down before proceeding to the next steps.

Step 2: Handle Your Water Filters

Next, it's crucial to remove any in-line water filters. This includes: - The refrigerator/ice maker filter. If you don't have a bypass, you might need to leave a filter attached just for this process. - The drinking water in-line filter located in the wet bay. - The whole RV 10-inch water filter.

Step 3: Waste Management

Completely dump and rinse your black tank. This step is vital for hygiene and to prevent any waste from freezing and causing damage.

Step 4: Water System Shutdown

Ensure that your water pump is off and then drain your fresh water tank. This prevents any residual water from freezing and damaging the system.

Step 5: Drain the Pipes

Open all faucets in the RV, including letting the shower head dangle. This step ensures that water is removed from all hoses and pipes, preventing freezing. ###

Step 6: Low Point Drains

Open the low point drains to let all the water escape. If your RV doesn't have these, you'll need to skip this step.

Step 7: Air Compressor Setup

Set up your VIAIR Compressor and connect the winterization kit to it (not directly to the RV). Ensure the pressure is set to 40 PSI.

Step 8: Pressurizing the Water System

Attach a garden hose adapter to your city water connection and then connect the VIAIR winterization kit. This pressurizes the water system with air. Keep an eye on the pressure gauge.

Step 9: Blow Out the Lines

Allow air to blow out through the low point drains (both hot and cold). Once no water remains, close the drains.

Step 10: Clearing the Faucets and Toilet

Turn on the water pump to flush out the water pump using air. Check all faucets, moving from hot to cold, to ensure all water has been removed. Flush the toilet until only air comes out.

Step 11: Fridge and Ice Maker

If equipped, run the water on the door of the fridge and the ice maker until only air blows through. Remember to turn off the ice maker.

Step 12: Shut Down

Turn off the water pump and the compressor. Then, dump your grey tank to remove the water you've just sent down the drains.

Step 13: Antifreeze Protection

Now, it's time to add RV antifreeze: - Pour 1 gallon into the toilet and flush. - Add 2 cups down each drain (bathroom, shower, and sinks). - Pour 1 gallon into the washing machine and run a spin/drain cycle. - Add half a gallon into the dishwasher and run a drain cycle. Here's an example video for guidance:

Step 14: Antifreeze in Water Lines

Follow your RV's manual to add antifreeze to the water lines. For the Entegra, this involves using a winterization hose in the wet bay.

Step 15: Final Checks

Run antifreeze through the exterior shower faucet until it runs pink, indicating the AquaHOT system is protected. You can also choose to run antifreeze through the remaining water lines, depending on your preference.


Winterizing your RV is a crucial step in ensuring its longevity and readiness for your next journey. By following these steps, you can rest assured that your Class A Entegra RV is well-protected against the winter elements. Remember, every RV is unique, so always refer to your specific model's manual for any additional steps or variations.

Stay warm and safe travels!