Seamless Cable Management for RVs: The Revolutionary Icotek System at


Here at we are always looking for products that fit in three main categories for our customers.  First, they must offer best-in-class performance.  Second, they must make our customers’ lives easier. Lastly, they must be flexible enough to give our customers years of service. Icotek fittings fit all those criteria.

Modular Cable Entry Solutions for the Modern Nomad

What makes Icotek so great? In a word, flexibility.  Whether you are a road warrior looking to install the ultimate in on the road systems for your mobile command center, or you’re new to RVing and not sure where the road will take you, Icotek has amazing solutions for all of you.  Each Icotek through fitting offers the ability to swap in and out various fittings to make sure nothing you install must be permanent.

Let’s face it, the world of technology changes quickly.  In the past two years we have seen the transition from 4G LTE being the predominant solution on the road to the 5G era. We don’t have a crystal ball, but we can assure you the only constant you can count on in the technology space is change. The solutions you choose for installing your gear need to give you the same flexibility, ease of installation and peace of mind.

Icotek Fittings have a split edge so that you can install them without having to re-thread your cables from one end.  The soft rubber then compresses into the housing giving you an IP-rated solution reducing the possibility of leaking considerably.

Accommodating a World of Cables

The roof of your RV or the deck of your boat can often resemble a mini
command center with an array of cables coming through. Icotek's housings
are designed to handle this complexity with ease. They can accommodate up
to 40 cables, ranging from slender 1mm wires to robust 10mm cords, and
even larger for special order applications. This flexibility ensures that
whether it’s your Starlink cable entering your RV or a multitude of marine
cables on your boat, every wire finds its place.

Customized Bundles for Popular Applications

To make things easier, we have organized the Icotek line into bundles that make sense for each of the bundles we sell.  Did you just purchase a Full-Timer bundle and are hesitant to drill a hole in your brand-new roof? We hear you! Check out the video below as a walk-through of the entire Icotek product line at  The best part? We have taken the guesswork out of figuring out which fittings make the most sense for your current installation.  In addition, if you think you are going to upgrade your gear down the road, you can purchase blank fittings to cover up the extra space you need.  Swapping in a new antenna that has more cables than your old one? No problem!  Taking your gear with you as you upgrade your RV to a new model? Done. 

Expert Support Just a Message Away

At, expertise is as important as the quality of the
products they offer. Their team is readily available to guide you through
selecting and customizing your cable entry system. By emailing, starting a chat on their website, or calling (959)
800-0300, you can tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Whether you're a tech-savvy RVer or a seafaring individual looking for a
robust marine cable entry system,'s blend of Icotek's
innovation and their customer-focused approach makes cable management
on the go a breeze. So, gear up for uninterrupted connections and a clutter-
free environment as you navigate the great outdoors with your RV or boat.


Don't let cable management complications tie you down. Visit today and explore the world of possibilities with their
Icotek cable entry solutions. Set sail or hit the road with confidence, knowing
that every connection in your mobile habitat is secure, orderly, and tailored
to your adventurous lifestyle.