Maximize Your RV Trips With Correct Tire Care: Your Guide To Best TPMS Solutions From MobileMustHave

By keeping a sharp eye on your RV tires, you’ll have peace of mind while you travel in comfort. Use one of our industry-leading Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems from to get the best data on tire temperature and air pressure for your motorhome so that you can get the most out of your home-on-the-highway.

How to Automate RV Tire Pressure Monitoring?

We all understand the significance of monitoring tire pressure in our vehicles, but when it comes to the grandeur of RVing, this routine check becomes a daily necessity. With the weight of your home bearing down on each tire, ensuring the correct pressure is not a luxury—it's a must. Gone are the days of relying solely on a manual gauge. presents a line of advanced TPMS solutions from Truck Systems Technologies, designed specifically for the avid RVer. These systems not only simplify daily checks with instantaneous readings across all tires but also safeguard against the dangers of underinflation.

The Critical Role of Tire Temperature

Why stop at pressure when you can have a comprehensive overview of your tire's condition? offers TPMS that monitor temperature, alerting you to heat-induced risks. A tire's core temperature can skyrocket from the relentless friction and interaction with hot roads, potentially leading to hazardous blowouts. Our recommended TST Monitoring Systems serve as your sentinel, preventing disasters before they strike. 

A Cautionary Tale: The Blowout Nightmare

One of our team members faced the terror of a tire blowout in their 38ft Class A RV—a stark reminder that assumptions can lead to harrowing experiences. A mere hour into a journey, a heatwave-induced blowout nearly resulted in catastrophe. Had it been a front tire, the consequences would have been dire. This eye-opening ordeal reinforced our commitment to never overlook tire health again, and it's why champions the use of TPMS for every RVer. 

The Extra Mile: Additional Benefits of TPMS

The perks of TPMS extend beyond safety. By maintaining correct tire pressure with systems from, you are investing in the longevity of your tires, warding off premature wear and saving on potential replacement costs. Additionally, an efficiently rolling set of tires translates to better fuel economy, allowing you to enjoy more of the open road for less. 

Beyond Monitoring: Proactive Tire Care

Equipping your RV with a TPMS is just the beginning. To complement these systems, also offers the VIAIR Portable Air Compressor for on-the-go adjustments, ensuring your tires are never wanting for air. We also advocate the use of tire covers to shield against the relentless sun and recommend regular visual inspections to identify any damage or obstructions, keeping your journey smooth and uninterrupted. 

Safeguard Your Travels & Your Tires with

In the vast checklist of RV maintenance, tire health sits at the pinnacle, and it doesn't have to be complicated. It's crucial to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of your mobile adventures. With a robust TPMS from Truck Systems Technologies, available at, you're not just preparing for the road ahead—you're guaranteeing a secure passage for you and your loved ones. Prioritize your tires, and you'll navigate towards countless unforgettable memories with absolute peace of mind.

Safe travels!