How We Maximize Your Connectivity Using the Power of SpeedFusion to Combine Internet Sources

Why do I need so many connections?

Picture this: you've invested in a top-notch setup from for your RV or Van Internet. However, despite having multiple internet connections at your disposal, you notice that most of your data usage is concentrated on just one connection. Otherwise, aside from the occasional "blip" your connection is rock-solid. You probably want to know: "Why should I pay for multiple connections if I'm not fully utilizing them all?"


At, we frequently hear this question from our customers. While we do sell data plans, our commitment to providing value means we only recommend what's truly beneficial for your journey. After all, we are RVers who've been through it all, and we only recommend personally tried and true solutions.

How we address this question

The solution is in leveraging the power of SpeedFusion (SF) and SpeedFusion Connect (SFC), two integral technologies within the Peplink ecosystem.

SF and SFC operate seamlessly within Peplink routers, allowing you to consolidate multiple internet connections into one cohesive network. This process, known as bonding, optimizes your internet usage and enhances your overall connectivity.

With SpeedFusion Connect, your connections are directed to a cloud data center hosted by Peplink, simplifying setup and management. Our comprehensive setup guide ensures you're up and running in minutes, with minimal hassle.

Alternatively, SpeedFusion enables you to link to your own cloud location, central office, or even your home, provided you have a reliable internet connection and the necessary hardware or virtual devices. If you’re looking for a good reasonably priced home Peplink unit option, check out the new Balance One here.

For those seeking guidance on setting up a SpeedFusion connection, our partners at Mobile Internet Resource Center offer valuable resources and support through their how-to articles and tech support forum. Our combined membership includes access to their how-to articles as well as the tech support forum we manage for them. You can find their guide for bonding multiple connections here.


The benefits of SpeedFusion

In sailing, we have a saying “One is none, two is one” meaning that a lone sailor on deck is far less effective than a two-person team. The same goes for internet connections on the road. In the realm of internet connectivity, redundancy is key. By harnessing a bonded internet connection, you gain redundancy that ensures seamless operation, even in the event of connection loss. This reliability is particularly advantageous for real-time activities like video conferencing, where interruptions can disrupt productivity. 


SpeedFusion achieves this by seamlessly relaying your internet traffic, effectively presenting multiple connections as a single, robust channel. It's akin to navigating a multi-lane highway: if one lane encounters an obstacle, traffic effortlessly shifts to alternative lanes, keeping you moving forward without disruption. 



Does SpeedFusion work with Starlink?

SpeedFusion is a true Swiss army knife of connectivity, compatible even with emerging technologies like Starlink. Despite occasional dropouts inherent to evolving networks like Starlink, SpeedFusion mitigates these interruptions, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity by seamlessly switching between available connections.


If you have any questions about any of these topics, or anything in our shop, don’t hesitate to live chat with our expert team or set up a time for a phone conversation.  


We can’t wait to see you on the road!


Dave @MobileMustHave