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Peplink enables you to combine Starlink with 5G and other connections, making Starlink an even better solution when more reliable connectivity is required. Applications such as Zoom, Teams, and other real-time services will remain stable and smooth. With Peplink, you can ensure that your connection stays rock solid.

This Bundle includes the In-Motion High-Performance Starlink Antenna and the Peplink MAX BR1 Pro 5G to create the ultimate pair for connectivity on the go. The Peplink acts as a hub for all your connections to the online world, with multiple WAN sources that can be used as a failover point. The BR1 Pro 5G running 8.3 firmware has a built-in cat-20/5G cellular modem, WiFi-as-WAN, and 1x WAN port, giving you the flexibility to get online and use the best available connection option.

The BR1 Pro 5G also comes with SpeedFusion capabilities. This means you can bond any or all of the connections together to create a redundant Internet source. With SpeedFusion enabled, if any connection drops out, the other connections will take over in an instant, ensuring that calls won't drop, movies won't pause, and the internet won't stop working. This keeps you online even if one of your connections fails.


What are the Challenges of Starlink Connectivity?

Starlink Connections May Occasionally Break
Due to the nature of Starlink’s LEO satellites, outages sometimes occur in the case of bad weather.

Challenging Location Requirements
Tall objects around the satellite dish greatly lower your connection's efficiency, which could make your important applications suffer.

Unbreakable Connectivity

• Focus: Failover from Starlink to SIM

With Hot Failover, users can fall back to a standard cellular connection when Starlink gets cut off.

Starlink won’t always be reliable, especially if installed as a mobile deployment. Hot Failover helps ensure session persistence with zero downtime.

Optimize Your Network

• Focus: Traffic Steering

You can take full control of what traffic travels through Starlink and your other WANs.

When Starlink’s performance isn’t up to par, designate priority traffic through other WANs, so ongoing applications don’t suffer.

Likewise, designate high bandwidth, low priority traffic (e.g., file downloads) through Starlink during off-peak hours to take full advantage of their data plan.

Bonding with Starlink

• Focus: Bond Starlink with LTE/Ethernet solutions

Combine the bandwidth of Starlink connections with LTE to provide seamless connectivity in a remote area.

Useful for providing full-time connectivity suited for areas where connectivity has been unreliable (e.g., Mobile / Maritime deployments).

Starlink In-Motion High-Performance Antenna

Expanded Applications- Designed for mobile applications and challenging environments. It allows better speeds at high temperatures, improved GPS capabilities, can connect to more satellites, and is more resilient to extreme environments. It even works while traveling down the road.

Work and Play at Remote Locations - Starlink is ideal for customers traveling to locations where connectivity has been unreliable or completely unavailable. The Flat High-Performance Starlink is authorized for use while in motion. Users can expect high-speed, low-latency internet in areas marked "High Capacity" and notably slower speeds during hours of peak usage in areas marked as "Low Capacity" or during events with many collocated users.

Pay As You Go Data Service - Starlink for RVs provides the ability to pause and unpause service at any time and is billed in one-month increments, allowing users to customize their service to their individual travel needs.


No discounts will work or are available for Starlink.  Discounts will not be applied due to requirements from Starlink manufacturing.

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5G Modem 

This mobile router is equipped with one or more 5G / Category 20 cellular modems with a maximum download speed of 4Gbps and a maximum upload speed of 700Mbps (typical speeds range from 10-350mbps depending on cellular network conditions and coverage). The category of the modem impacts the maximum upload and download speed of the device and what cellular bands or "channels" the device can connect to. Cellular bands act similarly to "channels" on television, each cellular provider broadcasts on specific bands. 5G modems include Bands specific to 5G service and also work on 4G Bands as well. 5G modems have the broadest Band support available today. This includes access to Band 14, and T-Mobile's Band 71 as well as 5G bands like n71 and n41 and more.  For a complete list of bands supported, click the documentation tab for detailed specifications.

5G modems are cutting edge but that performance comes at a price as upgraded processors are needed and the technology is very new. 5G modems are very popular with customers that need the fastest possible speeds for large file downloads or uploads or who require access to secondary Bands to improve performance on a particular cellular carrier but don't mind occasional disconnects that can happen with any single modem device. For customers who require "mission-critical" internet stability, we recommend going with a dual-modem device. 5G modems require 5G data plans to connect at 5G speeds and are not compatible with all data plans. Data plans listed on this page are supported.


SpeedFusion Licensed

This device is licensed for SpeedFusion access. SpeedFusion is Peplink's proprietary WAN bonding solution that can bond multiple internet connections together into a single, more resilient connection for added connection reliability. SpeedFusion-capable devices create a VPN tunnel that allows multiple internet connections to act as a single connection. SpeedFusion supports WAN-Smoothing, a technology that helps to prevent packet loss which is typically the cause for unstable internet connections. In order to utilize SpeedFusion you must either host your own SpeedFusion instance at a secondary location/datacenter or use Peplink's SpeedFusion Cloud service which is available for an additional monthly subscription fee. This device includes data allotment for SpeedFusion cloud transfer at up to 100Mbps per second (amount of data will change based on the hardware). For more information on SpeedFusion and SpeedFusion Cloud, please reach out to us below.


Roof Antenna Support

This mobile router comes with indoor antennas that provide 3db of cellular gain. Upgrading to an optional roof antenna can provide significant signal improvement by moving the cellular antenna outside, at higher elevation and provide you the benefit of an antenna with higher gain specifications. Roof antennas can be added now with a bundle discount by checking out our Internet Bundle Section, or at a later date based on your needs.

Device Pre-Configuration & Training Options

  • Do-It-Yourself Setup – Once your order ships, detailed instructions will be emailed to your inbox complete with detailed installation guides for both mobile routers and roof antenna installations. Use our self-help installation guide to get from box to surfing the web in no time. What’s best is the cost. Free!

  • Instructor Led Setup & Training Class – Get personalized setup and training for your new mobile internet solution. Our team will help you get the unit online and will remotely configure common settings so that you can begin using the internet without having to break out the instructions manuals and learn tech talk. We will update the device to the latest secure firmware, setup your WiFi and passwords and give your WiFi a unique name of your choice. We will then verify the unit is functioning properly and setup remote access to your new mobile router through Peplink's secure Cloud Management Portal. You will then have access to live instructor led classes to review all of the basics on how to use your new mobile internet solution. All classes include a question-and-answer session to ensure all of your questions are answered and you can always return after a few weeks and attend a second class if you have more questions.

MobileMustHave Data Plans

MobileMustHave is proud to announce we now have high-speed, high GB data plans available exclusively to our customers. Traditional cellular plans available directly from the carriers have data caps that are not suitable for active travelers. We have negotiated the ability to provide high gigabyte cellular data plans that operate on the top national networks. Take the guesswork out of activating other plans that don't work or are not authorized to work on our cellular routers with data plans from MobileMustHave. Our plans are ready to activate when your ready to travel and have no contracts so keep as long as you need and cancel anytime. 

PrimeCare & PrimeCare+

This is a PrimeCare device. PrimeCare includes a factory replacement warranty, centralized cloud management, and SpeedFusion licenses for WAN Bonding functionality. PrimeCare devices include 1 Year of PrimeCare with your purchase. Update to PrimeCare+ to upgrade from business hour support with the manufacturer to 24/7 email based support with the manufacturer. PrimeCare+ customers are eligible for Advanced Hardware Replacement from the manufacturer. Once your RMA is approved a new device will be sent to you before the defective device is returned ensuring customers are not left without a device during the warranty replacement. PrimeCare+ is provided by the manufacturer, not by MobileMustHave. For additional information our partners at the Mobile Internet Resource Center have put together a detailed guide

Licensing PrimeCare and Primecare+ beyond year one can be purchased at the time of purchase or after the fact. Basic functionality will remain if PrimeCare expires. Factory Warranty, InControl Cloud Management and SpeedFusion will stop functioning until the PrimeCare license is renewed. Warranty and license purchases are non-refundable due to manufacturer policies. 

Full Specifications

Looking for the full specifications on this product? Not to worry, they are located above under the "Documentation" Tab just above by the product description. 

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