Pepwave MAX Transit Pro E "PrimeCare Edition" Dual CAT-12 LTEA Router

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Description:  Dual Category 12 LTE-Advanced Mobile Router, 2.4Ghz/5Ghz Integrated WiFi PoE, 3Gb Ethernet Ports

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New for 2021, the Transit Pro E is the latest generation of the Popular Max Transit line of dual cellular mobile routers. The Transit Pro E is equipped with 2x CAT-12 cellular modems allowing customers to connect to multiple cellular networks simultaneously. Each CAT-12 modem has a maximum throughput of 600mbps download and 150mbps upload.  The Transit Pro E has a total of 4 cellular sim slots, 2 for each modem for maximum flexibility. The Transit Pro E modems have support for Verizon, AT&T, TMobile, and other carriers providing maximum flexibility and compatibility. The Transit Pro E includes 2.4ghz/5ghz dual-band WiFi technology to provide local wireless to client devices. The onboard 802.11AC WIFI 5 2x2 MIMO WiFi allows customers to set up multiple WiFi networks. The Transit Pro E includes Pepwave's AP Controller functionality to control additional external access points for customers who wish to add additional WiFi coverage or WiFi functionality such as WiFi 6. 
The Transit Pro E has upgraded to 3x LAN ports (up from 1 port in the previous generation) allowing for additional wired ethernet devices. The Transit Pro E has PoE (Power over Ethernet) 802.3at support on one LAN port. if paired with an optional 56v DC direct wire power adapter available as an option above. PoE will allow the Pepwave to provide external power to an external access point via an ethernet cable eliminating the need for a second power adapter for the external access point. Note we recommend pairing the 56V DC converter with the Direct Wire Adapter also available above. Always properly fuse your power circuits. 
The Transit Duo supports Wifi-As-Wan out of the box meaning you can pick up wifi signals from hotspots, campgrounds, and other sources and rebroadcast them into your coach. The wireless antennas included with the Transit Duo will pick up these signals or you can pair this unit with an optional roof antenna for increased cellular and WiFi range. 
We recommend pairing the Transit Duo Series of cellular routers with our Parsec Husky 7-in-1 Long Range Roof Antenna which provides 4 cellular antennas, 2 wifi antennas, and 1 GPS antenna in a compact, convenient roof mountable antenna solution. The antenna has tested as a top performance antenna ideal for mobile internet solutions and pairs excellently with the Transit Pro E.  An excellent pairing for extending cellular coverage and performance while also providing you with excellent range on the use of Campground Wifi using the Wifi-as-WAN feature. 

Dual Modem Device

The mobile router listed on this page is equipped with two embedded cellular modems. This will allow you to utilize two cellular connections at the same time, providing advanced traffic routing and load balancing capabilities as well as near-instant failover from one provider to another.  Internet traffic can be routed in a variety of ways using Peplink's proprietary Outbound Policy Management Algorithms.  Dual modem devices may be capable of utilizing SpeedFusion technology also known as "WAN bonding" which may require separate licensing. See SpeedFusion section below.

Category 12 Modem 

The mobile router is equipped with one or more category 12 LTE Advanced cellular modems with a maximum download speed of 600Mbps and a maximum upload speed of 150Mbps (typical speeds range from 10-75mbps depending on cellular network conditions and coverage). The category of the modem impacts the maximum upload and download speed of the device and what cellular bands or "channels" the device can connect to. Cellular bands act similarly to "channels" on television, each cellular provider broadcasts on specific bands. Category 12 modems support connecting to the primary bands of all major carriers such as Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint & AT&T and include additional LTE secondary bands for increased speed and coverage in many areas. This includes access to Band 14, AT&T's FirstNET band. For a complete list of bands supported, click the documentation tab for detailed specifications.

Category 12 modems are extremely popular as they blend strong performance and maximum data plan compatibility. Category 12 modems are very popular for mobile workers and for those who consider the internet "mission-critical" (dual modem device recommended). Category 12 modems are capable of video calling, VOIP, streaming,  general internet use, and when paired with a dual modem capable device support bonding of multiple cellular connections. See SpeedFusion section for more information.

SpeedFusion Licensed

The device listed on this page is licensed for SpeedFusion access. SpeedFusion is Peplink's proprietary WAN bonding solution that can bond multiple internet connections together into a single, more resilient connection for added connection reliability. SpeedFusion capable devices create a VPN tunnel which allows multiple internet connections to act as a single connection. SpeedFusion supports WAN-Smoothing, a technology which helps to prevent packet-loss which is typically the cause for unstable internet connections. In order to utilize SpeedFusion you must either host your own SpeedFusion instance at a secondary location/datacenter, or utilize Peplink's SpeedFusion Cloud service which is available for an additional monthly subscription fee. This device includes 1TB of SpeedFusion cloud transfer at up to 100Mbps per second. For more information on SpeedFusion and SpeedFusion cloud please contact us below.


Roof Antenna Support

This mobile router comes with indoor antennas that provide 3db of cellular gain. Upgrading to an optional roof antenna can provide significant signal improvement by moving the cellular antenna outside, at higher elevation and provide you the benefit of an antenna with higher gain specifications. Roof antennas can be added now with a bundle discount by checking out our Internet Bundle Section, or at a later date based on your needs.

WiFi as WAN

This device supports Wifi-As-Wan meaning you can pick up public WiFi signals from hotspots, campgrounds, and other sources to rebroadcast them into your coach and use them as your local internet. The wireless antennas included with this modem will pick up these signals and rebroadcast them locally within your own WiFi network. 

*Using public WiFi may be unreliable due to external environmental forces typically outside of customer's control and as such public WiFi is recommended to be used as a secondary backup connection. 

MobileMustHave Data Plans

MobileMustHave is proud to announce we now have high-speed, high GB data plans available exclusively to our customers. Traditional cellular plans available directly from the carriers have data caps that are not suitable for active travelers. We have negotiated the ability to provide high gigabyte cellular data plans that operate on the top national networks. Take the guesswork out of activating other plans that don't work or are not authorized to work on our cellular routers with data plans from MobileMustHave. Our plans are ready to activate when your ready to travel and have no contracts so keep as long as you need and cancel anytime. 

FirstNet Ready

This device is FirstNet Ready! FirstNet is the nationwide public safety communications platform dedicated to America's first responders. Being built with AT&T, in public-private partnership with the FirstNet Authority, FirstNet utilizes Band-14, which is reserved for public safety but is also being marketed as available to the public for additional bandwidth capacity. In testing Band-14 has been made available during non-emergency situations to the public to provide additional bandwidth and coverages to customers who have a modem that supports FirstNet's Band-14. Not all modems that support Band-14 are "FirstNet Certified" however they typically can connect to Band-14 in most areas. Information on FirstNet certifications can be found on Specification sheets located on the Documentation Tab. Additional information about FirstNet's use and technology can be found in this article from our friends at the RV Mobile Internet Resource Center.


This is a PrimeCare device. PrimeCare includes a factory replacement warranty, centralized cloud management, and SpeedFusion and SpeedFusion Hub licenses for WAN Bonding functionality. PrimeCare devices include 1 Year of PrimeCare with your purchase. Licensing PrimeCare beyond year one can be purchased now (options above). Basic functionality will remain if PrimeCare expires. Factory Warranty, InControl Cloud Management and SpeedFusion will stop functioning until the PrimeCare license is renewed. Warranty and license purchases are non-refundable due to manufacturer policies. 

Full Specifications

Looking for the full specifications on this product? Not to worry, they are located above under the "Documentation" Tab just above by the product description. 


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  • staff Pepwave MAX Transit Pro E PrimeCare Edition Dual CAT-12 LTEA Router Review


The max transit duo has not disappointed. It just works. I have had to work with Verizon on several calls because their tech team needs to remove a combination of features on their plans to make the network accept the gear but that is on the carrier. As soon as The carriers figured everything out on their end this thing screams. I love it and do not mind spending money on quality gear. I like that it comes with both 12 VDC wiring (fused) for DC installations as well as an AC adapter so I can take this wherever I need to and use my own cellular connection. I have not used the WiFi as WAN yet so I cannot speak to its performance, but I am very pleased with the speeds I am getting out of Verizon and AT&T. I will leave my critical feedback of T-Mobile for that individual product review.

Michael S.
United States United States Pepwave MAX Transit Pro E PrimeCare Edition Dual CAT-12 LTEA Router Review

So far, so good.

This is my second Pepwave unit so I had a leg up on getting things setup and running. Solid performance so far, but we've only been in one location and I haven't been able to test the 5G capabilities of the new plans. It's good solid hardware, my last unit ran continuously for almost a year only being interrupted by me doing system o/s upgrades. SFC is a nice feature but I'm still getting used to its nuances.

Jeffrey T.
United States United States

Pepwave Install

I have not configured the pep wave for daily use at this time. The installation of the antenna, the power source (DC cable), and the device went well, by viewing and following the videos MobileMustHave provided. The first time cutting a hole in the RV roof… YAY! I’m sure the setup and use will be as flawless.

Michael V.
United States

Working Great and instructions work!

The set up wasn’t bad at all. Follow the instruction provided and also in the SIM activation email and you shouldn’t have any problem..

Don P.
United States United States

Epic Support!

The item was easy to put together, but the setup was more complicated than I thought. Customer Service to the rescue!! Runs like a champ now!

Rich S.
United States United States