Blu Tech 10" Off Grid Replacement Filter
Blu Tech 10" Off Grid Replacement Filter
Blu Tech 10" Off Grid Replacement Filter
Blu Tech 10" Off Grid Replacement Filter
Blu Tech 10" Off Grid Replacement Filter

Blu Tech 10" Off Grid Replacement Filter

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Description:  10" 0.2 Micron High Flow Replacement Filter for Standard RV Housings

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Did you know most water filters do not filter out harsh contaminants like lead, viruses and bacteria? Take your water filtration to the next level with .2 micron electro adsorptive technology which not only filters significantly more potentially harmful contaminants, but it maintains water pressure and filter life in the process.

Includes the 0.2 Micron Filter in standard 10" x 2.5" filter size for fitment in standard RV Housings. If you have a pre-installed filter housing in your RV, changes are it fits this size filter. 

About the NDW 0.2 Micron Filter:

The NDW 0.2 Micron Filter uses a proprietary, patented electro adsorptive media technology.  It is capable of removing submicron pathogens and inorganic contaminants through electroadhesion and ion exchange.

The technology makes it possible for non-woven media to produce filtration efficiency comparable to ultra membrane filtration (0.2 microns).  This level of filtration is achieved with a very low-pressure drop, high flow rates, and high load capacity, working equally well in fresh, brackish, or salt waters.

The NDW filter media consists of coated micro-glass fibers produced using a wet-laid, non-woven manufacturing technology. The base media is laminated between layers of spun-bond to provide both strength and pleat support.

3rd Party Tested: The Blu Tech "Off-Grid" Filter is 3rd party tested by IAPMO and certified to NSF/ANSI standards. IAPMO’s water efficiency and sanitation standard is an American national standard. Blu Technology filters are trusted in the industry, and come standard on RVs from some of the biggest manufacturers!

Superior Filtration: Blu Technology’s “Off-Grid” Filters are up to 99.99% efficient for 0.2 Micron-sized particles. Standard RV inline water filters measure in at 20 Micron, Blu Technology “Off-Grid” Filters provide filtration for particles that are up to 100x smaller!

High Flow Rate: Blu Technology water filters are designed with high flow technology, allowing them to have a high flow rate despite their small pore size! With the “Off-Grid” Filter you will have peace of mind while enjoying great water pressure. The Blu Technology "Off-Grid" filter is made in the USA.

Unrivaled Technology: The “Off-Grid” 10-Inch filter is designed with an added layer of protection only offered by Blu Technology, and is a one-of-a-kind in the industry. The Blu Technology “Off-Grid” filter has an additional electro adsorptive media technology that is able to capture even more submicron contaminants through ion exchange!

Universal Fit Filters: Blu Tech’s 10-inch “Off-Grid” filters are compatible with many standard 10-inch water filter housings on the market, including Blu Technology 10-inch filter housings that come standard on many RVs!

*All claims are based on manufacturer representation

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