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Short Description:  Complete Mobile Internet Solution with Dual LTE-A Pro CAT-12 Mobile Router, Roof Antenna Options, WiFi-WAN, SpeedFusion Licensing



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Supply Update: MobileMustHave.com has secured the bulk of the last remaining inventory of the popular mobile router in this bundle no longer being manufactured due to component shortages. Component price increases have resulted in the manufacturer raising the price of the mobile router in this bundle by $199. This modem remains the fastest and most economical dual-modem mobile router in the Peplink Transit lineup but supplies are limited. To help customers with price increases, we have increased the discount on this bundle. MMH Explore Members receive an additional 10% on top of bundle discounts eliminating most of the price increase to members. We are offering these discounts while also being one of the only retailers with this modem in stock as a thank you to our loyal customers however supplies are limited and are on a first-come basis. See above for current stock information. If listed as in stock, it will ship the same day if ordered by 2pm EST M-F.

The Ultimate Road Warrior is a complete mobile connectivity solution for those who are serious about staying connected on the road and need the most resilient possible internet connection for Zoom, video chat, streaming, and work/play activities. The Ultimate Road Warrior Bundle is powered by Peplinks Max Transit DUO Primecare Edition Dual CAT-12 Mobile Router and paired with a 7-in-1 Roof antenna of your choice as well as direct wire DC power cables. AC adapters are also included along with indoor cellular and WiFi antennas for portable use without the roof antenna. The Transit DUO has 2x CAT-12 cellular modems capable of a max download speed of 600mbps with LTE-A features and functionality. 

The Ultimate Road Warrior Bundle includes a 7-in-1 roof antenna which will greatly improve cellular and WiFi signals to improve connectivity. Each roof antennas has 7 individual antennas (4 Cellular Antennas, 2 WiFi antennas, and 1 GPS) inside the compact roof housing. 4 cellular antennas allow the Pepwave Transit DUO CAT-21 to utilize the latest LTE-Advanced Pro technology including carrier aggregation and 2x2 MIMO communication technology for each modem. Support for Band 14 (FirstNET) is also included (see below).  Multiple antenna options are available and have slight differences in installation and specifications. Additional information on antenna options is available below. In a hurry? You can get surfing right away before installing the roof antenna by utilizing the included interior antennas.

The Peplink Transit DUO has 4x sim slots (2x per modem) allowing you to select which sim/carrier is in use by each of the modems. The signal from your cellular connection is then re-broadcasted wirelessly inside your RV or vehicle using the unit's high-powered 802.11ac/a/n WiFi antennas with WIFI 5 technology. You get powerful 2ghz (long-range) and 5ghz (high speed) wireless connectivity while also getting wired ethernet ports for your most demanding devices like VOIP phones or desktop computers/workstations. 

The Max Transit DUO has an integrated WiFi Controller capable of managing external Pepwave access points from the central management dashboard for seamless integration of external secondary access points for additional coverage or features/functionality.

Peplink's proprietary multi-wan technology allows this modem to utilize the onboard cellular LTE modem, a public WiFi hotspot (WiFi-as-WAN), or a secondary wired internet connection (Starlink, cable modem, DSL, etc.) as the source for Internet connectivity. The Pepwave Max Transit Pro E is capable of load balancing multiple internet connections across multiple devices and is easily managed within the web-based management dashboard.


Dual Modem Device

The mobile router listed on this page is equipped with two embedded cellular modems. This will allow you to utilize two cellular connections at the same time, providing advanced traffic routing and load balancing capabilities as well as near-instant failover from one provider to another.  Internet traffic can be routed in a variety of ways using Peplink's proprietary Outbound Policy Management Algorithms.  Dual modem devices may be capable of utilizing SpeedFusion technology also known as "WAN bonding" which may require separate licensing. See SpeedFusion section below. 

SpeedFusion Licensed

The device listed on this page is licensed for SpeedFusion access. SpeedFusion is Peplink's proprietary WAN bonding solution that can bond multiple internet connections together into a single, more resilient connection for added connection reliability. SpeedFusion capable devices create a VPN tunnel which allows multiple internet connections to act as a single connection. SpeedFusion supports WAN-Smoothing, a technology which helps to prevent packet-loss which is typically the cause for unstable internet connections. In order to utilize SpeedFusion you must either host your own SpeedFusion instance at a secondary location/datacenter, or utilize Peplink's SpeedFusion Cloud service which is available for an additional monthly subscription fee. This device includes 1TB of SpeedFusion cloud transfer at up to 100Mbps per second. For more information on SpeedFusion and SpeedFusion cloud please contact us below.


WiFi as WAN

This device supports Wifi-As-Wan meaning you can pick up public WiFi signals from hotspots, campgrounds, and other sources to rebroadcast them into your coach and use them as your local internet. The wireless antennas included with this modem will pick up these signals and rebroadcast them locally within your own WiFi network. 

*Using public WiFi may be unreliable due to external environmental forces typically outside of customer's control and as such public WiFi is recommended to be used as a secondary backup connection. 

Which Roof Antenna is Right For You?

Our internet bundles have a variety of choices for roof antennas based on your particular installation need. In general, higher priced antennas have better performance and are future proofed for newer technology such as Nationwide 5G making upgrades down the road easier. Higher performance antennas may be larger, so size and installation requirements is a consideration. We offer a variety of options for customers with unique installation requirements, mounting requirements, brand or budget preference. We have put together our 7-in-1 Antenna Comparison Chart to help aid in your decision as well as a video outlining some top choices. Still not sure? Start up a chat below and we will be glad to assist you.

Device Pre-Configuration & Training Options

  • Do-It-Yourself Setup – Once your order ships, detailed instructions will be emailed to your inbox complete with detailed installation guides for both mobile routers and roof antenna installations. Use our self-help installation guide to get from box to surfing the web in no time. What’s best is the cost. Free!!!

  • Instructor Led Setup & Training Class – Get personalized setup and training for your new mobile internet solution. Our team will help you get the unit online and will remotely configure common settings so that you can begin using the internet without having to break out the instructions manuals and learn tech talk.  We will update the device to the latest secure firmware, setup your WIFI and passwords and give your wifi a unique name of your choice. We will then verify the unit is functioning properly and setup remote access to your new mobile router through Peplink's secure Cloud Management Portal. You will then have access to live instructor led classes to review all of the basics on how to use your new mobile internet solution. All classes include a question-and-answer session to ensure all of your questions are answered and you can always return after a few weeks and attend a second class if you have more questions

MobileMustHave Data Plans

MobileMustHave is proud to announce we now have high-speed, high GB data plans available exclusively to our customers. Traditional cellular plans available directly from the carriers have data caps that are not suitable for active travelers. We have negotiated the ability to provide high gigabyte cellular data plans that operate on the nation's largest cellular network. These plans are not like traditional reseller plans as they are fully authorized to operate with equipment purchased from MobileMustHave. Similar to Mint Mobile, Cricket, and other larger resellers we utilize our own segment of the network which is fully authorized by the carrier, and billing and customer service is managed directly by our team of customer service professionals, not a third party. Complete Details Here


InControl2 is Peplink's cloud-based endpoint management system. When connected to your devices, it aggregates data to generate useful reports on all aspects of your network. On a single screen, you can push configurations to any and all of your endpoints. If you need to dig deeper, you can remotely access the web admin of any device on your network.

For most MobileMustHave customers this features is not required, but it does allow your device to be accessible to you via the cloud.  This can be an advantage if you would like to remotely control your device, track your vehicles location (if GPS is enabled), and allow support access to remote in (when permission is granted).

InControl2 is included with all router purchases for 1-Year and is included with EssentialCare, SmartCare and PrimeCare Warranty Renewal Options. 

Ground Plane Optional

The antennas on this page do not require a ground plane, but adding one will typically improve performance if your installation will allow it. Ground planes are metal sheets of ferrous metal (typically aluminum or galvanized steel) that the antenna mounts on top of. For optimal performance a ground plane of a minimum of 16" in diameter is typically recommended. The ground plane does not need to be grounded or wired to the chassis ground of the vehicle, the metal sheet simply helps the cellular and WiFi signals bounce into the antenna optimizing performance. Ground planes are available in various sizes on our store. For more information on ground planes visit the Ground Plane Guide on Mobile Internet Resource Center.


This is a PrimeCare device. PrimeCare includes a factory replacement warranty, centralized cloud management, and SpeedFusion and SpeedFusion Hub licenses for WAN Bonding functionality. PrimeCare devices include 1 Year of PrimeCare with your purchase. Licensing PrimeCare beyond year one can be purchased now (options above). Basic functionality will remain if PrimeCare expires. Factory Warranty, InControl Cloud Management and SpeedFusion will stop functioning until the PrimeCare license is renewed.

FirstNet Ready

This device is FirstNet Ready! FirstNet is the nationwide public safety communications platform dedicated to America's first responders. Being built with AT&T, in public-private partnership with the FirstNet Authority, FirstNet utilizes Band-14, which is reserved for public safety but is also being marketed as available to the public for additional bandwidth capacity. In testing Band-14 has been made available during non-emergency situations to the public to provide additional bandwidth and coverages to customers who have a modem that supports FirstNet's Band-14. Not all modems that support Band-14 are "FirstNet Certified" however they typically can connect to Band-14 in most areas. Information on FirstNet certifications can be found on Specification sheets located on the Documentation Tab. Additional information about FirstNet's use and technology can be found in this article from our friends at the RV Mobile Internet Resource Center.

Full Specifications

Looking for the full specifications on this product? Not to worry, they are located above under the "Documentation" Tab just above by the product description. 


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