Explaining Peplink's new Care+ Plans

Peplink has introduced new Care+ plans, extending services to include 24x7 technical support, AHR (Advance Hardware Replacement), and more.  The previous TotalCare and SmartCare will be replaced with EssentialCare+. While PrimeCare will see a newly available option, PrimeCare+.

Learn more on all the details about the new PrimeCare+ and join the discussion!  Visit https://rvmobileinternet.com/peplink-introduces-primecare-care-plan-with-revised-pricing-24x7-support-and-advanced-hardware-replacement/

Replace TotalCare and SmartCare with EssentialCare+

Add PrimeCare+ with 24x7 Support and AHR

Along with extending PrimeCare with the new PrimeCare+ plan, the pricing structure will be simplified to 5-tier pricing for different PrimeCare models.

 *Pricing applies to the US region only, other regions may vary.  
For more information, please refer to the Care+ guide Here.