Ultimate Mobile Connectivity with Peplink & Starlink

Erik's Setup - Founder, MobileMustHave.com

Ultimate Internet Setup 2022

Detailed setup video, complete with wiring diagrams

In the video above, Erik shares his secrets to staying connected on the road including how he utilizes Peplink devices to manage his multiple simultaneous internet connections. Erik utilizes cellular connections from each of the major cellular providers, free WIFI when available, and also Starlink when he has a clear view of the northern sky. His Peplink mobile router allows him to control up to 7 internet sources simultaneously from a single dashboard. 

"I've tested everything out there, and this is the closest solution to home-like internet."

Peplink & Starlink Integration Member Guide

Our partners at the Mobile Internet Resource Center have a Starlink & Peplink integration guide that is always kept up to date and provides the latest on Peplink and Starlink Integration. Members of our Insider Program receive complete access to guides like this one. Consider joining by clicking the Membership Tab above or if you are already a member links to the guide are below!

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Wiring Diagrams


Starlink Fiberglass Mast

Since this post was released we have released a telescoping 20" Antenna mast that works with Starlink's pole mount adapter and is an excellent way to mount your Starlink. 

The optional ladder/suction mounting kit lets you quickly mount antennas including Starlink.

If you are interested in building your own Starlink Antenna mast like the one featured in the video, see the links below to the parts used in the build.

Starlink Mast Parts List (Amazon Links)